5 rounds quickly:

20 sit & reach situps 6/8
20 V-twists 6/8
20 counts - stability planks
20 stability sideups R
20 stability sideups L
20 ea. uni hip-ups  R
20 ea. uni hip-ups L
400m run

Post Rx or portion finished to comments. 

Daily Extras - carry a 15/20 lb. DB with you on the run. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Why isn't this one for time? If you rush a balance move it usually shortens the ROM which can significantly decr. benefits. 
  • Sit & reach situps are meant to incr. hamstring flexibility. 
  • Don't v-twist with your arms. Use your shoulders/torso to move the ball.
  • Want more out of those planks? Use R leg only for 10 counts, then 10 counts L. 

Musings ...

The (Very Rough) Sun Tan Theory of Fitness

On Saturday BC invited me, Linds and the kids to go swimming at his house. He's got a sweet setup. My fav was the poolside grill where my bro flung us all some juicy burgers for lunch. Yep, I went back for seconds. My kids liked the water slide best. I mean, except for the wasps (another musing - about getting tough!). Anyway, we got to BC's and fun times with shirts off (boys only - behave!) ensued around 1:30 pm. That's 1:30 pm at the end of July in Utah. The sun was hot that day, my friend. And the sky ... there wasn't a cloud in it! 

I've been outside A LOT this year. I've been going topless at the beaches and pools 2-3 x/wk taking full advantage of the look I'm sporting which is 20 lbs down from where I was last year.  I've got a pretty good tan going and really don't mind showing it off as much I have other years.

By 6:30 pm my shoulders were feeling hot. Even a little burnt. It's cause I got a little cocky. I didn't put a even smidge of sunblock on (that's another musing likely entitled - "Stupid Shit People Do in the Summer"). Then again, it might also have been because I hadn't been consistent working on my tan for the last 2 weeks. I've been skipping days and then over-doing it on other days. (I know, I know.)

People wonder all the time, "How long does it take to get out of shape? How often should I workout?" While sitting poolside at BC's I had a (very rough) thought about that. It occurred to me that becoming fit and staying in shape works a lot like tanning outside in the sun. 

Disclaimer: I know sun tanning is frowned upon by certain health conscious types. I get it. The sun can be dangerous in large amounts but, I also see the sun as necessary daily ingredient of health. It's a conflict that calls for, like anything, moderation and common sense. 

Back to the story.

Laying down a nice, healthy tan (pale skins ignore) takes less time than most of us think. Building up to 15-20 mins 3x per week of intentional, deliberate sun time will do just fine for most of us. Some more. Some Less.  

After you build it up you can get away with decreasing frequency and duration a bit. But only for a while. Go too long without consistency and you are going to fry my friend. Seriously, ever go a week without sun then go boating with friends for a couple hours. Hurtz donut? 

Bottom line, Fitness is sort of like acquiring a healthy sun tan. It's all about consistency done right and letting moderation and common sense dictate effort. 

Short answer: it takes 7 days before you see the effects of de-training of your cardiovascular system. It takes 14 to see measured decreases in strength. 

Also, I'm not saying you only need 10-15 min of exercise per day. Well, I might be. Depends on who you are. Remember, COMMON SENSE.