Warm-up - 3 rounds  (rest 90 sec between each round)

20 Aussie pullups 
20 v-twists 15/20
20 lat pull downs 5/9
20 situps

Workout: 4 rounds for time:

800 m run
15 pushups strict
5 pullups

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

5 min plate switches (4" platform)
75 plate cleans 25/45

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay flexible with the number of Aussies you do today. It's just a warm up. If you typically get sore arms from these, stay below 50 total. Less if you're new. Take plenty of rest between warm-up sets. 90-120 seconds suggested.
  • Pushups have got to be strict! 
  • One Knee Pushups
  • How to do Kipping Pullups 
  • The GPP Jumping Pullup - Ours is very different from EVERYONE else.  
  • Having a hard time doing those pushups (daily extras) using STRICT form? Try one knee pushups

Progression to a Chinup

  • Tip - Whenever a workout doesn't specify how to progress through exercises (i.e. rounds, super sets, giant sets, etc.), it is entirely up to you to determine your preferences for completing a workout.  Using straight sets, giant sets, rounds, or etc. won't change the intended effect of the workout.  

Happy Birthday GPP! 

7 years ago today we opened our doors. Just wanted to let you know that today holds a special place in my heart. I'm grateful every day that you'll let me serve you.

Laura gets the first, first kipping pullup at Salt Lake Tennis & Health!