4 rounds

20 OH step back lunges (R+L=2) 45/65
20 hollow rocks (back+forth=1) 
20 box jump switches (R+L=1)
20 high windmill R 25/35
20 high windmill L 25/35
400m run

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Daily Extras - 4 rounds

20 med ball v-twists 8/10 (R+L=1)
20 ea. uni hip-ups  R
20 ea. uni hip-ups L

Workout Notes:

  • The video demonstrating the OH step back lunges shows an alternating lunge.  For the purposes of this workout, don't alternate. Continuously step back with the same leg until all reps have been completed for that side.
  • Note that the previous reps for the lunges on this workout was 20 ea. leg, it has been changed to 10 reps  on the left, 10 on the right for a total of 20 reps (R+L=2).  You’re welcome! 
  • Box switches remain (R+L=1).
  • To do a box switch - use a 15 inch step. 
  • Start SLOWLY on those high windmills. As the rounds progress you're hamstrings and sides will loosen up and you may be able to get a bit faster, but give yourself a couple of rounds to warm-up first.  
  • Also, your shoulders might not be up to the high position.  If that’s the case, go down in weight on the high windmills or use the alt which is a low windmill.  
  • Added some runs for today because, well, it's summer! We run more in the summer. It makes up for all the time we get cooped up indoors every winter. 

So, I never really like these correlation studies. None the less, they are interesting and shouldn't be completely ignored, right? 

Also, I think the flip side of this study should illustrate that heartburn drugs have done a lot to help folks who use them. A physician friend of mine once told me that chronic acid reflux is the highest predictor of throat cancer! 

In any case here is that article ...

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Increased Risk of Early Death - KSL.com