For time:

80 goblet squats 15/20
400 m run
80 Aussie pullups
400 m run
80 squat to box jump
400 m run
80 v-ups
400 m run
80 snaking pushups
400 m run

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

row as far as possible in 4 min
rest 1 min
50 v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
50 tic tocks R 25/35
50 tic tocks L 24/35
50 Superman back ext

Workout Notes: 

  1. That 15/20 goblet squat might not be enough for a couple of you.
  2. Remember, any time we go over 50 Aussies a rookie, or someone who's not been doing them, will get sore/swollen arms. If you are new to this movement - SCALE!
  3. Put those pushups down fast! Snake them. Come to full plank position at the top.
  4. Over 40? Been out of the game for a while? OG box jumps.  

Andrew (Drew) burst into my office in SLC the other day. Acutally, it was yesterday and it was more like he ERUPTED into my office. Keeping a dead, straight face and in an almost Monty Python-ish monotone he announced, "I'm down 17 pounds since starting this GPP stuff a couple of months ago!" Then, smiling with only his eyes he cracked, "And people won't stop asking me to take my shirt off!" 

We talked for a few mins as I thanked him for sharing this with me. Srsly, nothing makes me more happy. Even though I try to act all cool, I really can't even hide how much pride this gives me. Good pride only - I promise! Anyway, as the conversation was ending I'm all, "I need to get a pic of you doing your thing on the gym floor, so I can share it with everyone." 

With perfect timing and a wickedly straight face he quipped, "WITH or WITHOUT my shirt?"

BRAVO Drew!