Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

5 burpees + 15 squats (air)

Post any reps missed to comments.

Please Help Me Respond to This (below)

I felt so sad when I got this today. It stirred up a lot of feelings, but I really don't know how to answer her. I want to say something like, "Please don't quit yet. You've only been going for a month and a half. You are so close!" And "Yes, let's get your nutrition squared away, but please don't feel judged here."

We aren't about that. We aren't the folks who would belittle you or make your feel out of place. We'd never do that to you any more than you'd do it to us, right? EVERYONE here is on each other's side. EVERY ONE of us is cheering for you and we are hoping you'll cheer back. We need you. We need your spirit and your determination. It helps us feel more determined to take on our own challenges. 

I've never understood the mentality that one might want to try and "get into shape" before coming to GPP. That seems backward to me, but I never know how to say it. All I can say is, people come to GPP to BECOME more healthy and fit, not BECAUSE they are already healthy and fit.

I need help responding to this. Maybe you can say it better? Please post your response to comments.