Complete 4 rounds:

15 power cleans 65/95
100 tap down crunches
15 power squat cleans 65/95
100 tap down crunches

Post "done" to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete 3 rounds of:

200 rope jumps
400m row
25 burpees

Workout Notes: 

  • Keep in mind that the weights suggested above are only suggestions. Many of you have obtained near mastery of the cleaning movement. 65/95 will not tax you enough to get max benefits from this workout. You'll need to go up in weight. Come a little early and experiment with it. The intention is to spike your HR enough during the cleans that you'll carry it (elevated HR) all the way through the crunches. Whatever weight you choose, use the same weight for both types of cleans. 
  • Hurry through the crunches. Really push yourself. Take fewer breaks than you think you need. Get back to those cleans AFAP.

I Don't Do a Lot of Promotions

Maybe I'll throw something out there once or twice per year, but in general, it's pretty rare. I'm not sure why this is. Actually, yes, I do. 

Mainly, I find them cheesy. 

Not ALL of them. Sometimes I really find a cool promotion to do that represents a win for everyone. But usually I can't. And I hate the thought of doing something that doesn't benefit everyone involved. But I think I found one to run this Summer. Well, for a MONTH this summer. I think I'll call it the (brace yourself for the cheese) ...

GPP Member Appreciation Promotion Where You Could, Perhaps, Get Half-Off Your Membership in July. 

Catchy, NO?

It goes like this: 

If you bring a friend (has to be a new member, or someone who hasn't been in for a couple years) during the month of July, you and you friend CAN SPLIT YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE. 

I love the thought of all the wins in this! 

You win because:

  1. You could get half-off your membership next month.
  2. It's always fun to workout with friends.

I win because:

  1. I get a chance to intro our stuff to your friends! 
  2. I get to meet someone new and maybe get a friendship/membership out of it.

Your friend wins because: 

  1. They get to workout with you (finally!).
  2. They get a month of kick-ass workouts for half of your price!

Yep. This just feels right. Let's do it. Starting ... NOW! Promotion ends July 31. Promotion is limited to ONCE per new client.   

Using my fitness up Deuel Creek last weekend.