Complete 4 rounds of: 

200m row
25 tick tocks R 35/54
25 tick tocks L 35/54
25 donkey kicks
25 swipers 15/20 (R+L=1)
200m row
25 stability rev back extensions
25 alt uni KB swing 25/35 (R+L=1)
25 ball kills (R+L = 1)

Post perceived exertion level to comments.  Re-comment 24 hours later.

Daily Extras -

3 x 200m sprints (rest 30 sec between ea.)
rest 1 min
2 x 400m run (rest 60 sec between)
rest 90 sec
1 x 800m run

Time them. Post times to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • Before you slam your phone/keyboard down in disgust, please note the changes (2.0).
  • Why the "2.0?" Because the inchworms with a tuck jump and the v-ball transfers are clunky. It was an idea that looked a lot better on paper than it did in the gym.
  • Note the weight of the tic tocks. They are more heavy than you are used to.
  • Make sure you roll over to the hips on each rep of swipers.
  • Wait! Didn't those used to be called "wipers?" Oooh. Good catch. We did, at one time, call these "wipers." There are still places on our site and social media channels where you will see this. Upon examining the word "wipers" we quickly became dissatisfied with move altogether. "Wipers," being such a wimpy word, calls immediately into question the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise. We knew we had to change it. Changing the name ALWAYS changes the quality of a thing. Am I right South Davis Training and Fitness (formerly Skills?). Am I right Vasa Fitness (formerly Gold's Gym)? By simply adding the "S" at the beginning of this wimpy word, we think you'll agree, this movement has become 100% more effective and efficient.

What is "Old No. 7?"

It's a sermon on "Pride" given to me by an ex-con that has stuck with me forever. Sorry, it's geared toward the first of the year, but in reality it fits anywhere. Here is my best recollection of that sermon. 

Take Pride in Yourself - (musings by Neil)