Begin with:

2 push press 55/95
2 front squat 55/95
2 bent row 55/95

Rest precisely 1 min. Add 2 reps to each and repeat. Continue up the hill as far as you are able. Setting the bar down during the complex ends the workout. Post highest number of reps per complex completed.  

Daily Extras -

Take 3 min rest after the workout. Then, beginning with the number of reps where you left off, come back down the hill subtracting 4 reps per round. End with no fewer than 4 reps. 

Workout Notes: 

  • It looks like this:
    • 1st round pick up the bar, do 2 press, 2 squat, 2 row, put the bar down and rest 1 min.
    • 2nd round pick up the bar do 4,4,4 put the bar down and rest 1 min. and so on...
  • It's imperative that you keep your spine neutral.
  • If your back starts to twinge a bit, drop weight and shallow up the squat. Post alts/subs to comments. 
  • Keep track of total reps. Soreness factor (especially in the legs) will be a thing for some of you above 56 reps (set 14) at this weight (vets ignore-ish).  
  • Note where you fail and why. You may be weak in that area (OH, wind, back). Ask trainer for specific strengthening/conditioning exercises (off-site post to comments, please be as detailed and introspective as possible) to overcome this weakness.


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