Warm-up - 4 rounds of:

200m jog (1/2 speed)
1 min sit squat hip mobility

4 rounds of: 

8 power cleans (moderate wt.)
burnout set of v-ups
90 sec. rest

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 sets of:

burnout V-twists 15/20
rest 60 sec.

Workout Notes:

  • burnout sets? 
  • Remember, a burnout set is a max effort push.
  • The point of the sit squat hip mobility exercise is to incr flexibility. It's not a work set. It's not a static hold. Sit right down on your calves if you can. 
  • The power cleans are to be done at a moderate weight. Work on your form here.
  • Each rep is touch and go. Dropping between reps negates the purpose and some of the benefits. Then again, if you must drop ...

  • Learn the "thigh bump" technique - ask your trainer. It's a technique that improves athleticism and helps to prevent you from trying to muscle this movement. 

  • How to know if you are using a moderate weight? A moderate weight is heavy, but doesn't top out. IOW you shouldn't be maxed out at rep #8. You should have a few left in the tank. Not a whole set, but more than just 1 rep. If you completed your set and you knew you could do 2-3 more, that's a moderately weighted set. 
  • Stay plastic with your weights today. The weight you start with might be different from the weight you end with. This is cool. 
  • Don't waste sets. If you do a set that seemed easy, don't count it. Rest for a bit (90s), put more weight on and re-try the set. Only count sets you consider to be "moderately weighted."

Practice GPP? 

Had a cool experience in Yoga the other day. The instructor explained why we don't DO Yoga. She said Yoga isn't something to DO. That LIFE is something to do. Yoga is just practicing for life. 

That resonated with me. I feel the same about working out.

Somebody correct me if I say I'm going to DO a workout ever again. From now on I'll be practicing GPP.