Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes you are to sprint 200m, do 5 burpees  and complete as many KB swings 25/35 as possible.  
Rest precisely 1 min. 

Post KB swings completed from each round to comments.

Daily Extras - Add 5 rounds.

Workout Notes:

  • Push that Sprint. Push the burpees and pull that swing down! You get a full 60 seconds of rest. 
  • Keep your form on the KB swing. Never bow to a KB. Don't squat it either. If I wanted a squat, I'd call for one. KB swings are all about those hips. 
  • Modify the sprint by using the row/bike/elliptical.

It's because our place has a soul ...

I had a really cool talk with Michelle Holliday yesterday after the grand opening of the Salt Lake Tennis and Health club. Michelle was in town to see what the SLT&H is all about. In doing so, she has to see what I'm all about. 

I think I surprised her. 

At one point she asked me, what is your club in Centerville like and how is it different from other clubs you've been in. I told her, "GPP has a soul. It's alive. It breathes. It has a heart beat. You can feel it from the first second you walk into the place."

Months ago, a trainer friend of mine who I used to work with (15 yrs ago) at Xcel Spa and Fitness wanted to come check us out. We had lost touch for several years, but he was in town and wanted to see our digs. As he walked into our place he lost his breath. Literally, he was overcome and needed a few deep breaths to recover.

"My God!" He gasped as he walked around. "You can just feel the energy in this place. It feels alive!"

I've always taken a lot of pride in that statement. Especially since the club was empty, lights off, at the time. And as I told Michelle about the energy in our place she asked, "Why do you think that is?"

At first I told her I wasn't sure, then it dawned on me. It's because so much GOOD happens here. When I told her that, she asked, "How do you mean?"

All I could do is start telling stories about the miracles I've seen with my eyes.

I've seen people with chronic back pain who, at first, couldn't bend over to tie their own shoes not only gain the strength to tie their own shoes, but go on to be able to dead lift hundreds of pounds - FOR REPS!

I've seen people with troublesome uncontrolled diabetes, not only bring their blood sugar under control - I've seen the symptoms of that ravaging disease be 100% REVERSED!

I've seen people with very high blood pressure lower their numbers to the point the their doctors took them off their medications.

I've seen clients with MS and other auto immune diseases learn to control their pain and slow the degradation of their conditions with help of GPP's balanced programming. 

I've seen mothers workout until the day they gave birth! Some even worked out on the VERY DAY they gave birth! All them claim to have had easier pregnancies and deliveries than before!

I've seen people in their 50s, 60s & even 70s lose more than 50 lbs and gain a new lease on life by decreasing pain in joints and muscles.

I can name more than a dozen people, just off the top of my head, who've lost more than 100 lbs through our programming!

I've seen people gain self-confidence by proving to themselves they have more pain tolerance and courage than anyone, including themselves, ever gave them credit for.

I've seen rookies push themselves to the point where they cried, choked, puked even passed out, but then come back the next day for more!

I've seen people set unfathomable (to them) lifting PRs without even trying. Hell, just the other day one of my friends (all of you are my friends) told me, I NEVER thought I'd be able to lift so much! 

I've seen people run faster and further than they ever believed they could.

I've seen people who HATE burpees grow to love them.

I've seen introverts gain new friends at GPP and start hanging out with each other. Some of these friendships have lasted for years.

I've seen people who claim to have never run an entire mile in their life go on to run 5ks, 10ks and even marathons. Hell, I've even seen several of these folks complete an Ironman!

I've seen a couple people complete a marathon with absolutely ZERO training but GPP.

I've seen several people complete 100 mile bike rides with absolutely ZERO training but GPP!

Miracles! And I could go on and on with them! 

Yes! Our little place is more than a gym. It's alive! It breathes! It has a SOUL! Which is exactly why it continues to thrive while others have come and gone. It is also why it'll continue to go on and why I'll continue to stand with it and you all.

Linds using her fitness biking to the falls!