3 rounds for time: 

20 band twist punches R med/heavy
20 band twist punches L med/heavy
20 band high elbows R med/heavy
20 band high elbows L med/heavy
20 situps
20 surprise movement (rhymes with a viral infection)
20 v-ups
20 T2T side ups R
20 T2T side ups L
20 T2T superman back ext
20 T2T crunches 
400m run

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Do another round "for time." Post time to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Remember to keep your elbows up. Elbows should be on the same plane of motion as your wrists and shoulders. If your wrist is bent, it's a pretty good bet your elbow is down. This means you are putting sheering forces on your shoulder joints. Your shoulders hate to be weighted (i.e. bands) while externally and internally rotating. 
  2. If you are advanced, do your situps like this. (Hell, you can do it like this - NOT ENTIRELY SAFE FOR WORK/KIDS - if you like/dare. Honestly I HATE this about the fitness industry, but the thought of it made me LOL!). 
  3. Common Situp Fault + Fix
  4. There should be a deliberate pause at the top of each sideup, SBE & crunch. 
  5. That pause will be hard for some of y'all to do, due to this one being for time. You will get a bit more from the movement if you pause though. Promise. 


Community Celebration for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of:

Our New Health Club!

In October of 2013, Laury Hammel (son of Lee and Ruby Hammel) purchased what is now called the Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club.  Laury grew up at the club when his father managed (with Ruby)  and taught as a tennis professional.  Laury was the first janitor at the current location on 17th East.  He also played at the club when he played for the University of Utah for four years.  Two and 1/2 years after he bought the club, we broke ground on May 6, 2016 to begin construction on a new evolutionary phase of our club.   Now, 364 days after the ground breaking ceremony, Laury's vision will become a reality with this opening of this magnificent structure that will be home to programs that will make major contributions to the heath and wellness of our community.  Please join in the fun and see all the details below.

When:   Friday, May 5th
              4:00 pm

Where:   Our New Health Club, 2471 South 1700 East

What:    Three Fun and Meaningful Celebrations in One
              Health Club Ribbon Cutting
              Cinco de Mayo
              Laury Hammel's Birthday

Speakers:  Laury Hammel, Club Owner
                   Darin and Craig Zwick of Zwick Construction
                   Ruby Hammel, Mother of Laury and Member of Utah Hall of Fame
                   And many other luminaries to be named soon!  :-)  

Refreshments:   Enjoy a Cinco de Mayo Celebration with a Mexican Flavor--complimentary finger food, snacks, and drinks

Activities:   4:00 pm  Presentations and Thank You's!
                    4:30 pm  Roam the new club and take in the beautiful spaces and                                   equipment  
                    4:30 pm  Pinata's
                    5:00 pm  Neil Anderson's First Class on first floor
                    5:00 pm  First Group Exercise Class with Amy Weiloch and friends
                    5:45 pm  First Yoga Class

Who:      Everyone is welcome including non-members--please bring your friends!  
               Tons of Fun and No Charge!            

Laury Hammel

We all need a true friend. Tag your friends that would do this for you.

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