Two times through - 

On "GO!" class performs 1 min cardio sprint. Go HARD! We will rotate between these 5 exercises: 

elliptical 8/10 (speed 65+)
spin bike
plate switches

Before rotating to next cardio sprint, class comes together for 30 slow count reps OYC of ONE of the exercises below. We will rotate between these:

twisting good morning 15/20 (R+L=1)
bar kickers 25/45
tic tocks 35/54 (15R+15L=30)
KB halos 25/35 (R+L=1)

Workout Notes: 

  • It's easy, you go from a cardio sprint to ONE of the ab exercises. After that, switch to a different cardio. Rinse and repeat. Rotate through it twice.
  • 30 reps is NO JOKE! We are specifically programmed to do sets of 20 at GPP. This will mean stepping way out of our comfort zones. 
  • Trainer will push you to be back to work within 15 seconds of the last exercise.
  • Don't remember what you did last time? POST DAMMIT!

Times, They Are a Changing! 

Am in a little town called Essex Massachusetts tonight. I've been invited to attend a retreat of influencers in the health and fitness industry. It's beautiful here. Unbelievably beautiful. What are we discussing?

Mainly, it's you!

Well, kinda. I had the opportunity to present GPP and it foundations and principles to this group. All they wanted to know is what you thought about it. How you react to it. How you've integrated it into your fitness routine. How you use your fitness. How you use GPP to serve your lifestyle.

They were amazing questions.

Thing to know is, just 8 yrs ago - NOBODY IN THE INDUSTRY CARED! They weren't asking these questions at all. 

Look, the fitness industry isn't as evil as I usually make them out to be. By and large the health and fitness industry is managed by folks who truly want to help you (their client) become healthier and more fit. They are good people trying to help make a difference in your life. The problem is, they can't afford to. If they try, they might go broke and they are kinda stuck in their model.

But, somehow they've been seeing the light lately. They are asking all the right questions now. Now the questions are more about serving your health and fitness needs and less about profitability. I'm not saying they aren't still trying to be profitable, it's just that NOW they are more interested in creating a win-win for everyone. It's a cool step in the right direction.

I'm pumped to be involved in the questioning. Proud even. Even prouder that WE have all been doing (for years) what the leading edge influencers in my industry is only just catching onto!

I'll keep you up to date on the progress. I'll be home on Wednesday night and can't wait to tell you more about it in person.

Core week Ya'll! Have a fun Tuesday!         

GPP in Essex!