For time:


pushups (strict)
front squat 65/95

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Daily Extras: NONE! See why in Workout Notes.

Workout Notes:

  1. It is a short workout today. It will be tempting to do more than is programmed today.  We encourage against this.  Pour your heart and soul into this workout and really gas it (rookies ignore).  Complete each rep as perfectly as you understand it.  Pour on the intensity and then sit back and reap the benefits. 
  2. With pushups, try hard not to let any other part of your body touch the floor but your chest.  Be sure to get your arms all the way straight at the top of each movement.  
  3. Over-emphasize the pullups by pulling your chest to the bar.   
  4. Try hard to find benefit in the short stuff.  It is there.  It just may not be as apparent as with the longer heavy breathers.  TYT!
  5. Vets: go at this workout at a copper tasting pace. You KNOW what I'm talking about here. 


I really HATE to say "I told you so ..."

But, I told you so!

Saw more than 20 PRs fall today! It was astounding and a testament to your passion and drive to become and stay healthy. I couldn't believe it! I stood there all morning like a proud papa watching PR after PR be conquered! I was moved by every effort I watched this morning, both PR and non. 

Not gonna lie, when I tell this story (about all the PRs & trys) in the future, I'm likely to tell it like it was all me! Haha! No, but kinda tho. I mean, I know it's all you, but I'm probably still going to take a smidge of credit!

Want to say thank you for your dedication and commitment. It means a lot to me that you'd trust me to train you. Srsly. It means a lot. Especially lately. 

So far, one of my fav pic-of-the-day this year! It just fits! (Kellie B.)