Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds "work" followed by 10 seconds rest of:

BTB squat
400 m run
squat to box jump
400 m run
Aussie pullups
400 m run
400 m run
400 m run

Runs are performed "straight-up" not Tabata style.
Post total reps completed for each exercise to comments.

Daily Extras - Add a round of bench dips + a 400 m run

Workout Notes: 

  1. Let's be honest here, VERY few of us will count the reps. Ha! So here are a few numbers to shoot for. (VETS ONLY)

- BTB Squats - with the pause, you should be aiming for 12-15, or so. But you have to COMPLETELY stop at the bottom of each rep.
- Squat to Box Jumps - Try for 8-10
- Aussies - 15 ish! You'll start high on these, but probably  dwindle. 
- Pushups - 12/20 but you'll have to hustle, unless you do them strict!
- V-ups - You'd be ROCKING to get 15 for all 8 rounds.  


This inspires me as much as it warms my heart. It means a couple of things. 1. Jesse has had this for quite a while. That means he works out regularly. 2. It means he uses his fitness. Damn thing has some miles on it!