Every 1/2 minute for 20 minutes, alternate between the following exercises.

5 burpees
5 thrusters 45/65

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

Continue on for 7 extra minutes.

Workout Notes:

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  • Never let pride overrule your common sense. 
  • The GPP Soreness Scale 
  • We've been going hard at your core this week. It may be a bit tired. If it is, go lighter on those thrusters. Thrusters hate your low back. They will make you pay for form faults and slop. Keep your elbows up and in. First move is back through your heels. Squat to parallel or below only if you know you have good form and a slight inward curve (neutral spine) to your low back. 
  • If thrusters hurt your wrists, you are doing it wrong. Please have a trainer show you the correct way to rack your bar. Or try the alt (to the R)
  • Don't push your bar to OH. Thrust it. Taking the bar OH is a hip move, not an arm push. Use the upward momentum of your squat to take the bar OH to arms fully extended.
  • This workout works better sans shoes.  
  • I have no real burpee advice. Burpees are burpees. Crush them!

The Health/Fitness Continuum

Today I was doing a mini intensive with a couple of friends (Sid, Troy & Jake) and Troy brought up something I created, but haven't thought of in a very long time. It's the Health/Fitness continuum. 

It goes like this: Health, through fitness occurs on a continuum. On one end of the continuum you have no fitness. Think couch potato. These people are not healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.). They cannot be. They are more likely to be at risk of the ravages of disease (heart disease, stroke, diabetes & etc.). They are also more likely to have a lower quality of life due to the weakness caused by their inactivity.

On the other end of the spectrum you have folks who pursue hyper-fitness. Think bodybuilders and Crossfitters. These people, although they have the appearance of health, are not healthy either. Those who pursue fitness at all costs, ie. biggest muscles, most strength, most fit, will usually do so at the detriment of their overall health (emotional, mental, financial, etc.).

Health, through fitness, lies somewhere in the middle of these two places. GPP programming doesn't only understand this, it embraces and perpetuates this. The result of our programming is beneficial to all aspects of health and NEVER takes away from the only reason for participating in fitness in the first place ... that's Optimal Health!