100 rope jumps
25 situps
3 s of 10 r of progressively heavier power clean work

5-5-3-3-2 reps of:

Power Cleans AHAP


3 attempts at a PR of 500 m row.  

Rest as needed between all sets of exercise today. 
Post weights of power cleans and all 3 row attempts to comments.

Daily Extras - 4 rounds of:

20 stab front raise 15/20
20 stab cross body curls R 15/20
20 stab cross body curls L 15/20

Try not to touch down during the switch between R & L curls. It'd be cool to see you go from seated to standing without touching down. Haha. Don't lose a collar bone over trying though. 


I'm always surprised at the doubters.

A couple of months ago I was telling a guy (OLY guy) about our unique programming. It is unique, you know. He feigned interested (OLY guys think they are the only ones who lift) but I could tell he was just humoring me. I could tell this because at the end of my programming lecture he condescended to me with this question,

"Don't your people want to get strong?"

You have to understand, strength is the only goal for a guy like this. Guarantee the last time this guy got his HR up for a sustained period was in JR high when he was running from bullies. It's, in part, why he is so strong now. 

"My people do get strong." 

"HAHA!" He hooted. "Relatively, maybe." 

Then we proceeded to have an argument disguised a "discussion" about what strong really means.

Apparently, in his world there is no upper limit of the word strong. Folks in his realm will lift and lift to no conceivable end with hopes of maxing out their genetic potential and then striving, yearning, even cheating to grind out just one more measly rep with just one more measly pound. 

I sort of admired him as he explained (condescended, really) this to me. I also pitied him. Seems like a waste of precious resources and time to grind away in a gym to achieve a goal that won't really mean anything to anyone, much less to himself.

Wait, what? Are you telling us, Neil that NO one cares who the strongest people in the world are? I think I disagree...

OK, cool. There is definitely room for discussion here. Let's leave that for another time. What I disagree with is a strongman's definition of strong. That you and I are not in the upper 4% of human beings in terms of strength is not important to me. In fact, I disagree with that pursuit full-heartedly. Again, it's a discussion we can get into another time. But all you have to do is come into our little gym on any given day and, man ... you'll see strong.

Strength, to me, comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Pure strength isn't only a function of how much one can lift, to me, strength is only functional when combining our body's might with the heart, mind and spirit.

Cop out? Haha! It is to some, but to those I leave this challenge: Come and see for yourself. After you do, I invite you to explain to me how it is you see so much pure, complete and balanced strength within our hallowed walls. Also I invite you to explain to me how our people are stronger than 90% of humanity and getting stronger every year. See for yourself the unsolicited comments section of PRs that will drop at the end of every DL, or Power Clean workout. Some of these folks have been storming with us for 8 years and most are still topping past performances despite going heavy on these lifts only 2-4x per year! How is this possible?

Programming, my friend. Oh, and some strength (mind, body, spirit) on the part of our not-so-average Peep!    

 OK, so we are getting really close to opening the club at Salt Lake Tennis and Health. I'll tell you more about it soon! What You need to know is we might be doing a soft grand opening as early as FRIDAY! Right now, we are planning to storm our first GPP workout at 5ish PM. YOU ARE SO INVITED! Would love to have you come storm with us.

You should see this place. We've got Tennis, swimming, aerobics, weights, GPP, Cardio, soccer turf, basketball courts, and a world-class mind/body studio which includes Pilates.

Right now we are waiting on inspections and some cleaning. If we get it all done by Friday we are going to do it! But I might not know until Thursday eve, so stay tuned.

Still, we'd love to have you!