Begin with 2 rounds of "Monster"

For time: (there is a 10 minute time cap)

5 monster complexes 75/95
200m run
5 monster complexes 75/95
200m run

Then, perform the entire "Squad" workout

With a continuously running clock, repeat 30x: 

10 sec floor to OH bar hold AHAP
10 sec rest

Finish with the 2 last rounds of "Monster"

Post time of "Monster" rounds to comments.
Post weights used for the Squad workout to comments.
Post general thoughts on how to personally storm through this better next time.

Workout Notes:

  1. Program a clock to continuously repeat 30 rounds of: 10 sec work + 10 sec rest.  During the work phase, take a bar from floor to OH & hold for the remainder of 10 sec.  At the 10 sec bell, lower to the ground WITHOUT A DROP and rest for the remainder of 10 sec.  Repeat 30x.  
  2. Want to do the whole Monster workout THEN the whole Squad workout?  Don't.  We need your HR up. Squad will get it there if you don't pace yourself.  You are more likely to pace if you are doing 4 rds vs. 2 rds.  
  3. You probably need a lot more weight than you think you are capable of on those squads. I challenge you vets to use the weights recommended for monster complexes

Hey GPPeeps!

We are so pleased with how the first session of GPP Academy went that we decided to start up another session right away! We will continue to hold them on Mondays and Wednesdays starting APRIL 10th and we are hoping to be able to expand with a class for older kids! The flier says 12 and up, but we need to clarify - we are going to say Jr. High and up so that they can make the earlier class time since Jr. High gets out before elementary. We will need at least 10 individuals to have this class considered “full”. So, if you have some older kids that are interested sign them up! If we don’t get a full class feel free to have them come to the younger class time. I promise they will still get all the benefit out of the classes that they need! You might also notice that we made the class 15 minutes longer! We figured that since we were not only putting them through workouts, but teaching them as well, we needed a little more time with them! Thanks again for all your support, I am looking forward to seeing lots of new faces and lots of returning ones as well for this next session! - Katelyn

Cost $55! Class size is limited.