Both workouts for time.


10-11-12-13-14-15 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

1/2 Meg's Revenge

10 power cleans 65/95
200 m run

20 power cleans 65/95
400 m run

30 power cleans 65/95
800 m run

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Daily Extras - (only if you are sure)

Go part way back down the hill with:

20 power cleans 65/95
400 m run

10 power cleans 65/95
200 m run

Workout Notes:

  • Did you know? The only ones who call her "Meg" are GPPeeps. The rest of the world (non minimalists) have to use the other syllable.
  • This workout is conjoined mash-up. The whole thing is for time. No rest between the two different workouts. 
  • Take care of your hands on those cleans. Sometimes when we do high rep cleans, we get a little kiss from the bar on the first knuckle of our thumb. Might want to bring gloves. Please try to match them with your outfit (rule #6).
  • Sometimes when we rush our fast lifts (cleans here) we lose sight of form in our hurry to GSD (get shit done). This is generally problematic and NOT recommended. Please approach EVERY lift you do today with the best form possible. If you aren't sure of the proper form, please ask for a review from your trainer, or a seasoned GPP vet. Pay particularly close attention to spinal neutrality.    
  • Yes, yes it would be easier to go downhill with reps. For those tempted to do the workout this way, please meditate on rule #5 for however long is needed before 3-2-1 GO! 

That's how I have to do it too! (Brian R.)