For time:

rd 1 - 
10 deadlifts 135/95
10 pullups
10 power cleans 135/95
400m run
400m row

rd 2 - 
8 deadlifts 135/95
8 pullups
8 power cleans  135/95
400m run
400m row

rd 3 - 
6 deadlifts 135/95
6 pullups
6 power cleans  135/95
400m run
400m row

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Add 100 double unders (333 singles) to each round.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Excited to get back on a heavy bar today! 

Debate About the Demo Solved ...

Looks like the consensus is YES! Most of you like rigidity of structured class times and receiving a demo for each workout. However, many of you love the flexibility of being able to come and go as you please. So, here's what we'll do ...

We'll do BOTH!

From now on, no matter what, there will be a workout demo, complete with instructions, tips and tricks for storming and hard start times for each scheduled workout. This will occur within 3 min of scheduled class times (of course the 0845 will start within 7 min). Hopefully this will work out for everyone. If you are late/early for a class, no prob we'll still do our best to help you in every way that we can, but those with questions (rookies and vets) will be best served by showing up on time to workouts you are unfamiliar with. Hell, you might even gain a tip/trick for workouts you've done a dozen times! In any case we are happy to make this available to you.   

That was simple. Thank you so much for your feedback. Our only goal is to serve your healthy needs when it comes to these workouts. For a while there, we thought changing our style a bit would serve you best. Turns out many of you liked it, others wished for the old style. I guess we just became the Burger King of fitness - you may "have it your way." Is that still their tag line? 

Frickinluvurdamnguts! Srsly!

Ever tried on of these? You should. (Ashley)