6 rounds on the clock: 

55 sec running sprint on bike
5 sec transition
55 sec v-ups
5 sec transition
55 sec KB swing 25/35
5 sec transition
55 sec fr. weighted plate switch 10/15
5 sec transition
55 sec row
30 sec transition

Post thoughts on getting more out of this workout to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the (+) version of this workout. That's 8 rounds.

Workout Notes: 

  • Put the saddle all the way down. Do your pedaling out of the saddle. Sprint!
  • Experiment with a heavier KB swing. It might take a step up (35/54) to really tax you.
  • You should be breathing heavy throughout this entire workout. 
  • Limit transition times. Those 5 secs come at you fast. Be looking ahead to the next station.
  • Don't bother strapping yourself into the row. Takes too long. 
  • Where are the Daily Extras? I don't post them if the workout goes for more than 40 min. 
  • No bikes/rowers? Cool. Any 1 min cardio move aimed at incr HR is fine (burpees, running, rope jumps, plate switches, etc.).  

Hi from L.A!

I've been sitting in classes all day at the L.A. Convention Center at the annual IHRSA convention and expo. This is my 6th time at this convention. Last time I was here (about 8 yrs ago) all the classes were focused on the wrong things. Back then it was all about sales. Actually, I wouldn't call it sales. I would actually call it trickery. Every class I went to had these "cool" ideas on how to trick people into buying a fitness membership. I remember one class I went to, the instructor said, "Don't let anyone leave the "consultation" without having said "NO," at least, 3x.

I was sick about what he was saying. Felt he was focused on the wrong things. I raised my hand to ask, "Instead of selling the client why not just focus on helping the client get into shape. Isn't that why they came in?"

Everybody laughed at me when I said it. He goes, "YES! we have another idealist here!" Then he made a quip about how if the industry was staffed by fitness idealists there would be no fitness industry. I stayed quite for the rest of the hour and he quickly went on to discussing "up-selling." 

This was 8 years ago. Remember, 8 years ago there were VERY few "boutique" gyms like GPP. In fact there were less than 10 in the entire state of UT. Guess how many there are now? Nearly 200! Why? I'd venture a guess that boutique gyms, in general, have the right focus. They are serving the client's needs vs. trying to "sell" memberships! 

It's a very cool shift.

Guess what the topics of EVERY SINGLE CLASS have been focused on this year at IHRSA? Haha!  

I'm learning so much. Having a great time too. Can't wait to share more of what I'm learning with you. One thing I learned that I'd like to share with you right now is something you already know. The staff at GPP is WORLD CLASS! Honestly, there aren't any like them. Please let them know how much you appreciate them next time you workout. Know this, they appreciate you too. It's part of what makes them ... well, them ... and different, better and special. 

I told you I'd share more about this experience. I wasn't going to keep going with it because I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the experience and I wasn't sure that anyone really cared, but one of you hit me up about it, so ... FWIW ...


I saw colors, had a vision and got some downloads.
Here is how my life-changing meditation experience started! 

“Are you here for the special event?” She asked.

Bewildered, I’m like, “Yep!”

Haha, I was only stopping into 21st st. Yoga to get a schedule of classes. My neck has been bothering me a lot lately and I thought a little Yoga might help iron out some kinks. But, I had a couple of hours to kill and hell, who doesn’t like “special events?”

“Are you a member?” I could tell her follow-up question was aimed at debunking my obvious lie.

“Um ... No.” I said and was instantly ashamed that she had caught me.

“Have you been to an advanced musical meditation event before?” She asked in a challenging tone.

“Nope.” I couldn’t even maintain eye contact now.

“Oh, well … See, the thing is … This is a TWO hour meditation event. Do you meditate regularly?” She was still being cheerful and helpful.  

“No.” I said, somewhat defeated.

“NEVER?!” Her tone was a mix of genuine surprise, like “There is still a person left on Earth who doesn’t meditate” mixed with disdain and condescension.

“But, I want to try it!”      

“Yeah, well … OK, but most people start meditating for, like, 10 mins at a time. This is a TWO HOUR event.” She repeated letting some of the condescension melt away and becoming, once again, helpful. “Maybe you could try one of our beginner events?”

“Nah, I’d like to try it. It sounds cool.”

Somewhat embarrassed she goes, “Um, OK, but you see … She plays music by rubbing sticks on bowls and then sings and shakes rattles and hits a gong. You’ll also be chanting and Ohm’ing.”

I picked up that she was trying to scare me off but I wasn’t having it.

“Cool, can I just pay here?”

“Um, OK. I guess so.” She said while looking around helplessly. It was kinda like she was looking for backup or for someone to try and talk me out of it, but by this time everyone had gone in and it was just she and I left standing at the front desk. She could tell I wasn't going to be talked out of it. 

“That’ll be $25.” She said in same tone that you’d say, Fine but it’s your funeral!

I paid the lady and just like that I was IN!

I kinda skipped along into the room like I’d just won a major victory against a very formidable foe. Little did I know it wasn’t a victory over her that I would achieve that night, it turned out to be a victory over myself!

To be continued...

It was 85+ and sunny where I was yesterday!