Warm-up - (slowly)

10 inchworm halos 25/35

Workout: (for time)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps per set of:

dead monster complexes 65/95

Cool Down - (slowly)

10 inchworm halos 25/35

Post time of workout (dead monster complex pyramid) to comments.

Daily Extras -

Repeat portion of complex from 10 down to 1 before completing the cool down. Include this with your time.

Workout Notes: 

  • You HAVE to keep your back straight (neutral spine) throughout these movements. Be careful, sometimes, as you get tired, you'll lose form and let some slop creep in. NO SLOP! You may pay dearly for it!
  • If you have to go down in weight use DBs and do a step back instead of a roll out. Bars with little 10s on the ends will taco. No bueno! 
  • During the pyramid - go hard (if you are ready) vets! This one should make you cough all day. 
  • Remember, don't do 10 full complexes for the multiples. Do the multiples by performing reps of each individual movement before moving to the next movement. See vid for demo. 

About that contest thingy...

Got some cool feedback. It ranged from "don't care" to "HELL YEAH!"

For those who liked it, most of us were leaning toward that cool points system thingy we did in 2012. Remember that? We had, like, 15 things you could get a point for during the day. So, if you slept for 6-8 hours you got a point, if you did your GPP workout you got a point, if you ate a multivitamin you got a point and so on. There were also 5 extra credit points you could earn per week. 

I was thinking about updating that list of things and making it more current. I'd already have it done to show you, but the conversion from an Excel spreadsheet to Google's lame-ass spread sheet program messed with the formatting and I can't print it out. If one of you is good with spreadsheets please give me a holler. I need help! 

Anyway, the point system would be cool because it's fair and NOT based on weight loss. Just participation. Plus, it'd be almost impossible to get ALL the points to be earned EVERY SINGLE DAY. This makes the event more competitive because where one of us is weaker, another is stronger. 

Here's what we can do: I'll have a chart made and put it up in the gym. Every day we can all post our points for the day to comments on this site and we'll post the points to the chart on a 48 hour lag. That'll give us all til Wednesday to post our points in Monday's comments section. Then we'll keep a running points total so that you'll know where you stand and where you need to make up points. Could be super cool! Fair too! 

Still thinking the buy-in should be $150.00!!! I know that's a lot of damn money, but we've done challenges in the past where the buy in was, like $50 and I had a client say she was going to eat some pie and thought, "Meh, it's only $50!" Yes, you read that right, I've literally seen someone walk away from a challenge for a $50 PIECE OF PIE!  

What do you think? Post thoughts to comments. 

My! What a difference 1 yr makes. Congrats Ash & Jesse! Strong work!