For time:

20 burpees
10m sprint
19 burpees
10m sprint
18 burpees
10m sprint ...

Continue by subtracting 1 burpee from each round and sprinting 10m until you have completed 1 burpee and its accompanying sprint.  

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I came up with this workout by watching a documentary on Supermax prisons. 

I like burpees.  I like sprints.  I like the thought of mixing them together.  So, when the Discovery Channel aired a segment on how prisoners use burpees and sprints together to help stay fit and pass the time - a light went on. 

The difference here is that prisoners in the documentary only had about 8 feet of "sprinting" before they ran out of room and had to turn around.  We get about 30 ft. This will keep your HR higher. Another difference is, our version of it starts with 20 reps and runs down the hill to 1 from there.  One of the guys in the show started at 1 and went to a thousand.  He did those silly little "halfie" burps though.  You know, the ones where they don't put their chest all the way onto the floor? 

What a waste.

Of course I still wouldn't mess with him.  The guy I saw on the show was HUGE and RIPPED! And had killed people.  Maybe for dissing his burpee technique?  

Do every one of your burpees with terrific form today.  Put your chest all the way down onto the floor.  From there, jump into the air with your hands above your head.  DON'T CLAP!  Never clap your burpees.  Doing so negates ALL the health and fitness benefit. Everyone knows this. Plus, it's what they taught us in college.  I mean, you gonna argue with academia?  Also, every time you clap a burpee, somewhere in the world, a kitten drowns in a sack. 

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I saw colors, I was a 3 foot beaver (or monkey) and had visions ... 

Part IV

The lady playing the bowls (looked like a drum kit) said, "Every one of you are advanced meditators" Haha! Not me! "So I'm not going to tell you how to do this. I'm sure you know what this is and how to do it. All I'm going to say is, If you are lucky enough to get a thought that you need tonight chase it all the way in." 

I really had no idea what she was talking about. I mean, I'm not dense, I think know what she was trying to say. It seems like what she was trying to say was, if you are lucky enough to receive inspiration, don't disengage and you'll get even more. I dunno. I guess that's a thing.

It wasn't for me.

I was so intrigued by the colors I was seeing that when I found myself foraging through a forest, I just went with it. I'll admit, it freaked me out a bit. After all, it's not everyday you receive a vision of yourself that seems ... somewhat out of context. By "out of context" I mean, I saw myself in a vision where I was walking around a forest with large trees. Picture VERY large trees, like giant sequoias. Now picture the marine West coast climate of the Northwestern US. That's where I was. Was I cold and wet, you ask. Nope. I was happy as a clam. More succinctly, I was happy as a beaver, or a monkey. At least, that's what I saw as my reflection in a pool of water. Srsly, I was a 3' tall beaver/monkey looking creature just running around the forest flipping over logs & rocks while travelling down a mossy path which was half covered by ferns. Ever see that movie "twilight?" And those dumb vampires run through the forest for no apparent reason? It was kinda like that. Not sure what I was looking for. I don't think it was food I was after, but it was something equally important. It's one of the parts of the vision I haven't figured out yet. Thoughts?

Anyway, I walked down this path flipping over logs and rocks for what seemed like ages. Finally I came to a very large, beautiful and old looking pine tree. Without a thought, as if I'd done it hundreds of times before, I started to climb. I climbed forever, with purpose, ever higher and higher. I climbed so high that eventually I came out of the dense misty fog and into the light of day which had been obscured by thick vegetation of the temperate rain forest below. As I climbed into the light, I approached a thick, knotty fork where the tree branched into several directions. At the trunk of the fork was a hole just big enough to fit a 3' beaver/monkey. It had a fancy door with a rod-iron window (think hobbit) that wasn't locked. But I knew it wouldn't be locked as I opened the door and walked in.

It was SO bright in there. Too bright and utterly white. I tried to brace myself against the brilliance of it by holding my hands in front of my face. It didn't help, but it did do something cool. It was so bright it illuminated the vessels in my hands turning my hands pink-ish and somewhat translucent. In fact, it was so bright, I couldn't even see the tips of my fingers.

It took some time, but my eyes eventually adjusted to the brightness. That's when I saw the stream.

In the middle of the room I saw, what looked like, an energy stream flowing like a small, but powerful river. The stream was comprised of even brighter flecks of whiter light which flowed like water from left to right. The edges of the stream flowed slower, while mid stream current was more torrential.   

As I stood there looking at it a soft, but powerful voice commanded me to walk into the stream. Ever see that scene in Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon makes the jump to hyperspace? Yeah, it was like that only the stars were visions & thoughts & ideas. 

To be continued ...