Warm-up: 3 rounds

25 situps
35 double unders

Workout: 5 sets

8 front squats (moderate weight)

then, "1/2 Slammer"

15-10-5-3 reps for time of:

box jumps

Post weight of squats and time of 1/2 slammer to comments

Workout Notes: 

  • Today, "moderate weight" means you should always be able to clean the bar from the floor.
  • I know under "workout" it reads "5 sets," but 1/2 slammer only needs to be done once. I'm positive you weren't going to do it 5x, but there is always someone who reads it as 5x! Ha!
  • Please watch the video below to fix your front squat. I started it at approx 3:25. If you love health and fitness and have struggled with your FS go back and watch the whole thing.