2 rounds:

5 min of continuous high knee (RIP).
on whistle, interrupt RIP with 4 lunge switches  (R+L=2) - continue RIP. 

rest 1 min

5 min of continuous situps
on whistle, interrupt situps with 1 tuck jump - continue situps. 

rest 1 min

Post total unbroken minutes of high knees & situps completed to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. RIP = Run In Place

  2. Whistle blows no less than 4x/min 

  3. This workout has the distinction of being the first workout conducted at GPP HQ. 

I saw colors, I was a 3 foot beaver (or monkey) and had visions ...
part II

Ever walk into a place and immediately feel like you don't belong? No, not just nervous about being in a new place, I'm talking, just plain don't belong. Like, have you ever seen that guy who wears golf shorts, a salmon polo, brown leather sandals and gold jewelry to an Alice Cooper concert? That's how it was when I walked into the "2 hr Sound Meditation event" at 21st Yoga the other night. It wasn't that people were looking at me strange. I was so out of place, they were looking through me. Didn't see me AT ALL.

I was so invisible that the instructor, a grungy looking dishwater blond in her mid /late 30s wearing loose fitting hemp clothes (I'm guessing on this), didn't even acknowledge me. It was weird. No "welcome," no "namaste," hell she didn't even look up. Had to ask a couple sitting in the back, who I nicknamed "Todd & Margo," what to do. They barely acknowledged me as Margo nonchalantly pointed at the racks in the back and with a tone that was a magical combination of bored and put-out goes, "a pillow, a blanket and a mat." Nothing else.

For some reason, I didn't feel like becoming all enlightened lying next to Todd & Margo so I walked my happy ass up to the front of the room and set up my station. Yep, the guy in the golf shorts and gold jewelry is always on the front row! Sat there for a minute or two and the instructor struck a gong. That brought the whole room of, I dunno, 60-70 people to attention.

She didn't give us much instruction. She just goes, "I'm not really here to tell you how to meditate. Musical Meditation is an advanced from of the art, and I'm guessing all of you are advanced so all I'm going to say is this; if you are lucky enough to be given a thought - follow it all the way in."

I felt like the biggest fraud as I was nodding my head like I had ANY FRICKIN CLUE what the hell she was talking about, but it did stick in my mind, which would be good - for later. 

To be continued ... (I'll try to do this weekly until I tell the whole story).