Every 90 sec for 15 rounds complete:

20 press jacks 15/20
15 HS DB biceps curls 15/20
10 OH triceps ext 15/20
10 V-ups

Post Rx, or rounds completed to comments. 
Note rest times. If you are getting more than 30 sec you need to up your weights.

Daily Extras - 

Add 3 sets of 100 double unders (333 singles) to the end of your workout.

Workout Notes:

  • Anybody sore yet this week?  I hope so, but not Stupid Sore! Today’s workout is a good total body cleaner, and not too long. We need a little breather after the last two days.  
  • HS= high speed.
  • Make sure bend and extend those arms EACH REP on the curls.
  • Only do the extras if you have the voices in your head telling you to.

A Success Story! from Lil Kate

Hey Everyone, meet Ally (pic below). She and I met just over a year ago for her first personal training session. After working with her for just 1 year, she has come SO FAR! Not only has she lost 77 freaking pounds, 8.5 inches around her chest, 10 inches off her waist and 11 inches off her hips (AMAZING, I know!!), she has come a long way in her fitness. When we first met she couldn't string more than a few jump ropes together and struggled with KB swings as a whole. Now she can string over 100 rope jumps together has increased her KB weight by 15lbs with perfect form! She is incredible! 

However, all of these accomplishments didn't come easy for Ally. She put in all the hard work necessary to reach these achievements. She met with me religiously at least 2 days a week, and even hired a dietitian to help her with her nutrition. She has been working hard every day and we are less than 10 pounds away from her original goal weight. Now that she realizes her ability and potential she has decided to improve her health even more by losing a few more pounds than her original goal weight. The best part about this story is not even the amazing results that she has seen physically over the last year, but the mental and emotional results. In a letter she wrote me a few months ago she wrote about how more people look at with kinder eyes and treat her with more respect now because of how different she looks. She loves this feeling and loves that she can go out and feel more confident in herself. 

So, long story short -- I want to help more people reach their potential and increase their health and fitness. I am looking to take on more personal training clients and would love to help anyone looking for a more personalized training program. If interested, please email me at katelynkimber3@gmail.com and we can work out all the details.