1st time through = for time
2nd time through = slow with strict form

25 KB swings 25/35
50 squats
25 KB swings 25/35
50 pushups
25 KB swings 25/35
50 situps
25 KB swings 25/35
50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
25 KB swings 25/35
50 DB floor 2 OH 15/20 ea. 

Post time from 1st round to comments. Post RPE from second round to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

  • This workout has dual personalities. It is likely to cause your mood to swing.
  • Yes, it means you have to go through it twice! 
  • It's really 2 different workouts. One is for time; gonna make those lungs burn. The other will make your muscles burn.
  • How to do strict DB F2OH? Weights must be deadlifted and pressed.  
  • Common Situp Fault Fix - YouTube
  • Better abs situps - YouTube
  • Go Ahead and Use Your Arms During Situps - YouTube

I think some things are just worth mending.

The thing is, the bar clips box has been with us for years. I really don't remember how long ago we started using it. Seems like we had a home depot bucket holding the clips in the beginning. It only lasted a couple of months before sharp orange shards of bucket pieces began breaking off threatening to add "staff infection" to the potentially long list of injuries one might incur at a gym. Once that bucket began to crack in half, I found a "temporary" box to start putting the clips in. 

Over the years that "temporary box" found favor with one and all. It even added to my rather illustrious streak of NEVER MISSES! It's true! I can, with a very straight face, look you square in the eyes and truthfully tell you that in the 6+ years I have been throwing clips into that box, I have NEVER ONCE MISSED a shot from bar length. Not once. 

Seriously, someone should call Guinness. 

It's too bad that things have to get old and wear out. Frankly the prospect of my streak coming to end is troubling. But as that box continues to rip, tear and generally wear out, what I can't decide is which I'll miss more, is it the streak, or the box?

That's when it occurred to me, maybe I don't have to do without either of them. Couldn't I just fix the box? 

So I did. And as I did I instantly felt great about the whole ordeal. 

This thought was fresh on my mind the other day as I ran into an old friend at a car dealership. He used to workout with us but has taken a rather long hiatus. Not just from our gym, the dude doesn't workout anymore at all! Hasn't for a couple of years now. We laughed about this fact as he told me how he's too old and out of shape now to really do anything about it.

I wanted to tell him the story about my box, but ... got shy and didn't. Maybe someone will send this to him.