Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes perform:
10 thrusters 45/65

rest 1 min then, 

Every minute on the minute for 5 min complete:
15 pushups (strict)

rest 1 min then,

Every minute on the minute for 5 min complete:
15 Aussie pullups

rest 1 min then, Dopey's Revenge

Complete 1600 rope jumps for time.

Immediately pay a 5 burpee + 5 pullup + 15 pushup (strict) + 20 squat penalty for each miss. This workout caps at 20 min.

Post reps missed from the EMOMs. Post time and burpees completed from DR to comments. If you capped out, post jumps + penalties completed to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. It's going to be a long one today. If you are flying through it and don't have to pay many penalties during the rope jumps, you can get it done in under 45 min. Otherwise plan on spending a bit of time completing the workout after class. 
  2. One knee pushups - If you need to scale, try these before going to both knees.
  3. Want more out of it? Lift R leg for half the reps, R leg for the other half. 
  4. Aussie pullup alt (mid row) 
  5. Even 5 min of Thrust-O can make you quite sore. Scale if you need to. 

Musings ...



No. It's work. We are supposed to do work. After that, we get in the car, go down to the gym and get our workout. :)

Actually, it's not a bad sub for a workout. 

According to Wikianswers.com, OUR type of snow probably weighs 10-12 lbs per cubic foot. 

My driveway is roughly 75' long by 20' wide.  So, in all I have 1500 sq/ft of driveway to shovel.  I also have roughly 300 ft of side walk.  At about 3 feet wide, I calculate this to be an additional 900 sq/ft.  

So that's about 2400 sq/ft of shoveling.  Multiply this by the 18" (low estimate) of snow we've gotten at my house in the last 24 hrs and I figure we've moved about 36,000 lbs of snow.

That's around 18 tons!  

Let's compare that to the popular GPP workout "Hells Bells."  Last time this came up I did 11 rounds of burpees (88 total) and 200 KB swings.  I weigh 172 lbs.  That means I lifted 15,136 lbs of burpees and another 7000 lbs of KB swings.  

That's 22,000 lbs of Hell's Bells, or around 11.068 tons!  

As shoveling snow works EVERY major muscle group across EVERY bioenergetic metabolic pathway, I'll go out on a limb and officially call snow shoveling - a workout!