2 rounds for time: 

50 dead lifts 45/65
50 lat pull downs 6/8
50 DB conditioning curls (R+L=1) 15/20 ea. 
50 situps
400 m elliptical

Storm one of the "Twins" for both rounds. Rest 1 min, then storm the other. 

2 rounds for time: 

50 hang cleans 45/65
50 pushups
50 OH DB triceps ext 15/20
50 superman back ext
2 min switches

Workout Notes: 

  1. Depending upon your fitness level and experience with this type of workout, this has the potential to go over 40 min today. It wasn't meant to be an hour long workout. Please cap your workout time at 40 min.  
  2. Vets move quickly! Excited to see the times you put up. Need them. Please POST!
  3. These are light DLs, but don't underestimate them. Neutral spine please!
  4. Grip the pulldowns just outside of the bends of the bar.
  5. Don't have a pulldown cable? Try THIS
  6. When going for time I prefer less strict movements (generally). Therefore conditioning curls and snaked pushups. 
  7. Can't just do 50 total biceps conditioning curls. That'd only be 25 per arm. It'd also be weak sauce (unless you're new). 
  8. I've been hammering switches ever since the weather got cold. If your feet are beaten up, do any other form of cardio for 2 min. 
  9. Remember last week when I posted this workout, I said I didn't know who invented it? I KNOW who did it now! A big THANK YOU to Brighton Holt (14)! Rob and Deawn have a fine young programmer.  
Brighton standing in front of the workout he created!

Brighton standing in front of the workout he created!

"Hey, Wait a Damn Minute, Didn't We Just Do This One Last WEEK?!" 


Yep! I like to circle back to a new workouts  week later, or so, to put a few more miles on it before putting it away for a little while. I've learned that most workouts have a learning curve. Typically the second time you perform a workout you'll remember tips and tricks from the first time that'll make it more effective for you (Note, I didn't say "easier!"). Makes it so you'll get more out of it. 

If I don't come back to it in a timely manner, the next time you do it will feel like starting over. 

Philosophical Friday! 

Philosophical Friday!