Complete in Couplets. Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of couplet with no rest before moving to the next.

4 rounds without rest of: 

15 OH BB press (strict) AHAP
75 rope jumps

4 rounds without rest of:

15 DB bent rows AHAP
75 rope jumps

4 rounds without rest of:

15 front squats (use cleanable weight)
75 rope jumps

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 4 rounds of:

15 burpees
15 pushups (strict)
15 v-ups

Try not to rest at all. (hehe. Good luck with that.)

Workout Notes:

  • The rests are built into the workout even though it says "no rest." 
  • Move quickly between couplets. 
  • Use DBs for the bent rows. I know the demo uses a BB. It's the same movement. Just stand a little more upright and use DBs for the weight. You may also use KBs.
  • For the ONE person who was confused, "cleanable" just means, don't take it from a rack. 
  • If I had to guess, I'll probably end up using 65-75 lbs (45-65 ladies) on the OH press, 35s-40s (25-35 ladies) on the rows, 95-115 on the fr squats (65-95 ladies). 
  • I plan on crushing the extras today. That burpee/pushup/v-up combo is ROUGH on the core and I need it today. 

Musings ...

YES! The workouts HAVE been a little tougher lately. 

Mostly LONGER. We have HELLth week coming up. For those who are new, this means the first week of the year is dedicated to getting us all back on track after a slack holidays season. It's where I program all of our ROUGHSTOCK workouts in the first week. Usually it ends up being quite a challenge.   

This year I want to go harder at you than I have for a few years. In fact, I'm going to keep it up throughout the entire month of January. I can't do this if we are all to sore to move. So, I'm making sure we won't be by programming a little extra throughout December. 

If you are reading this and have been taking a few months off while planning a comeback at the first of the year, I'd get on my horse and start getting after it right now. There are only a few weeks left before I turn the hounds of hell loose. You'll thank me for the warning. I promise. 

Also, If you have friends that are planning on mounting a comeback at GPP, you'd be doing them a favor by getting the word out to them! :)

Sam's just hanging around Santa Monica!

Sam's just hanging around Santa Monica!