10 burpees EMOM for 5 min  

3 min Rough Boy Squats

3 min coninutous plate switches

1 min rest 

10 burpees EMOM for 5 min 

Class does reps in unison on trainers count:

Shoulder Medley - 2 rounds

           20 front raises 15/20
           20 upright row 15/20
           20 OH press 15/20

Triceps Medley - 2 rounds

            10 narrow push-ups  BW
            20 skull crushers 15/20           
            20 OH French press 15/20

Ab Medley - 2 rounds

            20 situps
            20 R side ups 
            20 L side ups            
            20 Superman back ext's 

Legs Medley -2 rounds

            20 BTB squats
            20 alternating lunge switches (R+L=2)
            20 single leg DL R 15/20
            20 single leg DL L 15/20

10 burpees EMOM for 5 min

On trainer's count perform 3 rounds of the following:

20 v-ups
20 T2T side ups R
20 T2T side ups L
20 T2T superman back ext
20 T2T tap down crunches
20 sec ab bridges  

10 burpees EMOM

Post all you are thankful for to comments.

ONE workout only today.  Starts at 8am!  

We are planning on taking over an hour to get all of this done!  You'll want to bring your "A" game!  Feel free to come to any, or all of this workout.  We'll be giving thanks (get it?) just to see you.

Typically, we get a pretty good turn out for our "Pie Burn" extravaganza. Last year we had well-over 100 (some said it was closer to 175 - people kept moving around so it was hard to count. Ha!) of us storming this together.  GPP has only enough equipment for about 40-50 of us.  If you have 15 and/or 20 lb. weight, please bring it (them).  

Workout Notes:

  • This whole workout is NO JOKE. Please don't take it lightly.
  • It's been a while since we did SLDs. This is A LOT of them. If it's been a while for you, or you are kinda new - I wouldn't do all that are called for! 
  • Rough Boy Squats are designed to hurt a bit. Don't over-do it. 
  • How many calories will I burn with this workout? ALL that you are about to eat today! Also, It doesn't matter. If you have 1 "Free Day" all year, it should be today! 
  • I'm not sure why I left it as a "French Press." It's just an OH triceps ext. I'm not sure why the French get credit for it, or even that they do. Maybe there is another reason we call them French Presses. In any case, I have a penchant for tradition. It's most of the reason why I don't get new white boards. Seriously, there can't be that many gyms in the US that have worn out their white boards. I love it. Not so much the word "French Press" but that's how I originally posted it 8+ yrs ago, so (for now) it stands.