5 rounds for time:

25 plate cleans 25/45
2 min. plate switches
25 burpee double pumper

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Workout Notes: 

  • For those of you who are coming to the workout tomorrow (Turkey Day), you might not want to do all these reps today. Tomorrow is going to hurt. Some of you will be fine doing both. Some won't :).
  • "Wait dude, where are the pulls today?" Glad you know the programming well enough to know this is a thing. However, we pulled our assess off yesterday. Pullers need a break today. 
  • 2 minutes of Plate Switches is a serious undertaking.  Staying moving for the entire time is going to take more than just a little effort.  But, you CAN do it.  
  • Here is a trick:  Try landing each switch with your weight equally distributed onto both feet. This will also keep you from getting as sore. 
  • The mistake we see the most with this movement is folks lean back, keeping all the weight on the back foot (floor foot) and just tap the front foot (plate foot) on the top.  The problem with doing this is it puts a lot more strain on the back (floor) foot.  By tapping the top foot (plate) only, you've made the bottom foot carry all the load from your body weight and the effect of gravity dec/accelerated.  
  • If you were to lean a little more forward and focus on landing both feet (top & bottom) at the same time, while equally distributing your body weight and dec/accelleration mass with each movement.  You'd get less tired from each movement.  You'd also recover faster for the next set.  And since we are doing 5 of these (10 full minutes of plate switches) you'll WANT that recovery.  

Hey, are we doing a Thanksgiving Workout? 


GPP will be holding our annual "Turkey & Pie Obliteration" workout on Thanksgiving morning.  Workout starts at 8am.  Will last about an hour (maybe a smidge past).  

Sometimes we have quite a few folk join us to pre-burn their Thanksgiving feast.  With what we have planned this year, we worry about not having enough equipment.  If you have a 15/20 lb DB please bring it with you.  You'll only need one.  Oh, and if you have extra - bring it for someone.  

The workout will be a mash-up of several of our favorites.  It will include pieces of "Jump," "Abs Mash," "STAB," the "O-Ramas," and etc ... 

Hope to see you, your spouse, your kids, your crazy friends, and even your most hated enemies (trust me, they'll pay for what they did to you) there! 

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