Warm-up - 

2 min rope jump
2 min elliptical 8/10 >65 RPM
2 min spin bike 7 out of 10 intensity
2 min press jacks 10/15 ea.

Workout: 5 rounds (no rest)

20 ski squats M/H
10 BB curl cleans AHAP
20 lat pull downs 5/9
10 unilateral DB row R AHAP
200 m row
10 unilateral DB row L AHAP
200 m row
10 bar grippers (forward) AHAP (R + L = 1)

Post weights used per round.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's pull day. This day is dedicated to all muscle group and body parts involved in pulling.  
  • So this is a blend of 2 unnamed workouts from 2011. I was searching through the archives last night and found some cool workouts we haven't done in a long time. 
  • I know it says AHAP on the pull-downs. It'd be cool to just give you a weight here, but you are going to struggle getting the same weight on the 5th round that you got on the 1st. I want to leave room for some minor adjustments. 
  • Same goes for the uni bent row. 
  • If I were you, I'd probably use a heavy KB for the bent rows. Those grippers are going to fry your hands. DBs are going to be harder to handle since they naturally want to "walk" out of your hands. 
  • Remember, to get the most out of those curl cleans (when you are ready), you'll need to find a weight that is too heavy to curl with strict form on the up. Then fight it on the down. It shouldn't be so heavy that it gets away from you on the down. 
  • Rock that row! Need to make it a sprint to get your HR up. 
  • I've been going light at your HR so far this week. Count on that changing W-F. The Turkey Day workout will make your breathe heavy for over an hour! Need some programming to off-set.
  • Don't jump around today's workout. It's written with special attention paid to HR. 

Post to comments.

Post to comments.