For time:

15-16-17-18-19-20 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • Meg-inator is a classic GPP "soul crusher."  It is as challenging mentally as it is physically.   
  • From a physical standpoint, Meg-inator has crushing power, both during the workout and, potentially for the next several days.  It is wise to respect her.  Wiser still to know your limits.  We NEVER program workouts with the intention of crushing your soul.  We find no health in that.  There IS, however, health in pushing your limits - to some degree.  We've learned that the human body is ultimately more capable than most have given it credit for.  There is health in finding new ability to DO.  
  • Meg-inator will surely accomplish this.  This unique workout can also be a bit of a head game.   
  • Pushing your reps uphill every round is NO JOKE.  By adding more reps every round, it is hard to find and maximize points of reference for small rest periods.  Pacing yourself to achieve the best time possible becomes increasingly more difficult with each round.  Sure, it is only 3 measly reps per round, but what you find out quickly, is that the 18 rep round is a completely different workout than the 15 rep round you started with.  The 20 rep round is exponentially more so.  Staying open to the new challenges of each round will help you navigate these challenges.    
  • Good luck today.  Please post your best used methods for coping with the challenges of this workout to comments. 
  • Also, most of our legs are ready for this. If you haven't been in the game for the last few months, you need to scale. Don't underestimate this workout. It is SOREMAKER, especially for the legs.

Musings ...

Tricks to Maintain for the Holidays

Love this time of year.  So much good stuff to eat. 

THIS is the week that can begin (for some of us) a wicked downward spiral in the healthy habits we've painstakingly constructed.  

It is frustrating because it takes so much work to make progress, while relatively little to unravel any headway we've gained. 

To diminish this effect, we have several suggestions that may help you navigate the demands of this season while keeping your healthy goals intact.

1 - Go for the protein first, then (after 25 min) go back for the high carb and fat stuff we all love so much (mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, pie and etc.).  You don't have to skip every holiday treat that you love.  You just have to cut back if you plan to stay on track.  Eating protein first will help to satiate your appetite and, perhaps, curb your wants for the other, not-so-good-for-you stuff.  Read this - Top 10 Foods Highest in Protein.

2.  Don't drink your calories.  At least not as many.  It pays to keep sugary drinks to a minimum this time of year.  A simple 12 oz soda (does anyone drink only 12 oz anymore?) adds, on average, 170 extra calories to your meal.  1c of eggnog = around 250.  It goes down fast and adds up faster, which has a way of unwinding healthy intentions.

3.  Keep with your workouts.  Bad nutrition and lack of exercise seem to go hand in hand.  Inevitably, when one goes to pot, so does the other.  To stay on track, don't break the habit.  These workouts are magic.  They can go a long way towards keeping your health on track.  Plus, it is a stressful time of year.  You need the endorphin release, which will improve your mood and make you feel more like eating right - later. 

4.  Do a weekly damage report.  Haha.  IOW, weigh and measure yourself weekly.  I knew a guy once who simply couldn't believe he'd gone up 25 lbs over the 2 months he'd taken off.  He goes, "I figured I went up a bit, like 10 lbs, but ... (lots of swears)." 

5.  Enjoy the season.  You work hard.  You take your health seriously.  Don't stress about it.  Adding stress on top of stress can have poor consequences.  Where you make mistakes, simply get back on track ASAP.  Trying to make-up missed workouts won't help you enjoy your season, or decrease stress.  Besides, it doesn't take much to undo little mistakes.  Simply getting back on track is many times more important and effective for your health. 

Same goes for your nutrition.  If you get off track today, get back on TOMORROW.  Might even consider doing a little calorie banking this season.  If you know you have a party tonight, cut back a little throughout today and tomorrow to make up for it, if you need to. 

What tricks do you use to stay on track through the holidays?  Please post to comments. 

Why exercises on a stability ball? It's because there is no exercise in the gym that moves your core exactly like you see Ashley's moving in the video. Thing is, your core moves like this in many situations in real life. At GPP we work our bodies in the gym the way they move in nature.