3 rounds OTC

15 uni stability biceps curls R 15/20
15 uni stability biceps curls L 15/20
45 sec rest

3 rounds OTC

15 uni stability OH press R 15/20
15 uni stability OH press R 15/20
45 sec rest

3 rounds OTC

20 weighted stability ball situps (FE) 15/20
45 sec rest

Post Rx and notes to self to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's been a super long time since we did this one. Mostly this is because not everyone who follows this site has access to a swiss ball. I'm sensitive to this and don't want to send you scrambling for alts very often. Still, this is a great workout. It needs to come out from time to time. Please do your best to get a swiss ball for this workout. Buy one, borrow one, rent one (go to gym) you NEED to try this. 
  • If you can't beg a swiss ball off of someone, just stand on one foot while doing this workout and it'll get you most of the way there. 
  • Consider wearing gear that covers your legs completely today.  Kneeling on those stability balls can leave your shins pretty raw.  

Musings ...

Why Stability Ball Training Rocks

This stability ball thing is a kick.  REALLY enjoy training this way.  I relied heavily on this type of training in the 90's.  Most trainers did.  Then, it fell out of favor.  Not for any particular reason.  It just lost popularity.  This was a shame, because there was a TON of functionality, fitness and health in it.  A TON.  Let me share some reasons why.

First (the most obvious) - NOTHING beats this type of training for core activation.  When you do this workout today, look around you (if you can) and notice the movement in the core of the person next to you.  If you are off-site you should check yourself out in the mirror.  All that movement (forward-back, side-side, twisting and bending) is improving core strength, function and stamina.  It is magic stuff.  It looks good ON!

Second - Each movement you do on the stability ball is an individual.  It is different and unlike any other movement you've ever performed.  Each rep is as different from the last rep as it will be the next.  This unique movement type calls for improved form (if not, you could fall) from the muscles and joints we are targeting.  It creates a more complete type of fitness and function.  It'll also make that weight you are moving feel MUCH heavier!

Third - It stimulates your nervous system on a level that is hard to duplicate.  Your nervous system is responsible for sending the messages to your muscle groups to create movement.  Heavy, taxing movements stress the nervous system immensely.  It is one of the reasons you could fail at an exercise.  Using a stability ball takes this up a notch because not only must you send a big surge of energy to the muscles creating movement for the exercise, when on the stability ball, every movement requires a counter surge of energy to stabilize your body on the ball.  Sometimes trainers forget to train the nervous system specifically.  Not GPP trainers.  

Sam came to GPP over 8 years ago in preparation for trying out for Utah Jazz Dancers. Devastatingly, she didn't make it her first year, but she rallied and for an entire year she channeled her disappointment into positivity. Through grit, humility and utter determination she honed her body, fitness and dancing talent into dancing greatness. Greatness that didn't go unnoticed by the judges the next year. She went on to make the team for 5 more years and has never stopped practicing GPP. She even brought Dallan into the fold and he's become a very familiar face around our little place. Dallan experienced a heart attack last night. He, Sam, baby and baby on the way need your prayers, good intentions and any other thing you can afford pass their way.