Warm-up - 1/2 Rope a Dope (RAD)

Complete 800 rope jumps for time.
Immediately pay a 5 burpee penalty for each miss. This workout caps at 10 min.

Workout - 4 rounds for time:

400 m run
250 m row
20 triceps cable push downs 5-8
20 Smith bench press 65/95
20 side lateral raise 10/15 ea.

Warm-up - Post time and burpees completed to comments. If you capped out, post jumps and burpees completed to comments.
Workout - Post time to comments. 

Daily Extras - Double the run!

Workout Notes

  • Caution! It is cold and dark outside for many of you. Consider bringing layers and lights to do your runs.
  • Keep those push downs clean. No angle. See vid below. 
  • Keep those pushups clean! 
  • Remember, the burpee penalty is to be assessed immediately. No waiting to assess penalties until after the rope jumps. 

Musings ...

Pro Tip: Triceps Cable Push Downs (keep the angle out)