Run the Rack 2x for each of the following: (rest 1 min between sets)

10 front squats
10 DB biceps curls (strict)
10 OH DB shoulder press (strict)
10 OH triceps ext.

Post highest weight of each run to comments.

Daily Extras - Run 400 m after completing both sets of the muscle group you are working on.

Workout Notes:

  • This one can be a very long workout. Only a few will finish inside of 35 min. Know this, it wasn't designed to be a 45-60 min workout. If you are still working out past 40 min you might have done it wrong. Consult a trainer for tips on economizing. 
  • Running the Rack: How to
  • How to know if you have maxed out a set? If you can't get 10 good reps - you are done. If you are taking a long time between sets - you are done. If your form is breaking down to the point where your exercise is not effective, nor efficient - you are done. If your form breaks down the point where you may become injured - you are done. 
  • It is extremely important to keep transition times between your sets of 10 to a bare minimum today.  Doing so will help you attain and maintain "maximum pump," which is particularly important for gaining max benefits from this specific workout.
  • This workout closely mimics a bodybuilding workout.  The great Larry Scott (the world's first Mr Olympia - he won it 2x) taught me, "The key to bodybuilding is attaining a good pump."  I had the distinct privilege of working (and working out) with this living legend during a pivotal time in my career.  He exemplified the concept of "Optimal Health."  Here is a pic of him in his mid 60s.  He is a very gracious and generous man.  He would be thrilled to know I am passing along some of his tips on to you.       
  • We are simply not limited to any ONE concept, or methodology.  We find usefulness in many proven concepts and methods.  We've made it a point to become educated and experienced in many other ways, so that we may bring a more efficient and effective program to you.  

Musings ...

Using Our Fitness with SHOTS FIRED!

The pic below was taken maybe 1 minute before it happened.

Linds and I were hiking the Parish Creek trail yesterday. It's a beautiful and challenging trail. We've hiked it several times, but it's so long that we've never made it all the way to the top. The top is roughly 9 miles from the trailhead and it gains nearly 4000 ft. Most of which is accumulated in the first 3-4 miles. We knew we weren't going all the way up, but Jonesy told us it is breathtaking this time of year and "we HAD to do it!" We figured it'd be perfect for our Sunday hike. 

And it was perfect. Sort of. 

The colors were beautiful. Stunning actually ... when we could see them. It started snowing about a mile into our hike. Snow flying and the low clouds hindered our view. Plus it was cold and windy. Actually, I LOVE this. Last year I started tempering. Literally hiking in the snow shirtless. It's exhilarating! I found I really love the cold ... after I stop hating it. :) So that wasn't so bad. I guess the only thing really wrong with the whole hike was the BULLETS that began zipping past Lindsay's face.

Yep. Bullets.

We had stopped on a ridge about 4 miles into the hike. It was our turnaround point. We paused for a pic (below), put on some warmer gear and started walking back down the trail which followed along the exposed ridge for 100 ft or so. As we meandered back down the trail adjusting our gear and getting back into "hiking mode" Lindsay yells, "THEY ARE SHOOTING AT US!" I snickered and looked back, thinking she was joking. Her white face, panicked expression and the report of 2 LOUD high caliber rifle BANGS confirmed ... she was not. Just then, I heard 3 more zips pass between us, which were followed closely by 3 big BANGS from across the canyon. One was no more than 15" from Lind's face. So close she felt the concussion of the sound waves. 

Yep. They were shooting at us. Right FRICKIN at us. 

We got very low. Ran like hell to cover. Hit the deck and called 911. The shots rang out for roughly 35 min after that. Not all of them at us, but we weren't taking any chances. We sat low in cover until the shooting stopped.

We were FREEZING. Cold, wet ground mixed with sweaty, panicky bodies clad in shorts and small jackets in the blowing snow was a ROUGH combo. We were FULL BODY shivering most of the time. Not sure if that was from being scared or cold. Probably both.

After the shooting had stopped for 10 min we took off down the hill like we were instructed to do by the Sheriff's deputy. Even with my trick knee, we RAN most of the way. Several miles downhill is usually a NO-GO for me. But today, I covered it no problemo! 

We were both able to calm down as we neared the car by the trailhead. That's when I had the thought,

I'm glad I'm fit enough to do that! :) 


Those shooters are JACKASSES! Hope the pricks got caught.

The "calm" before the storm. 

The "calm" before the storm.