Warm-up -

200 KB swings 25/35
100 situps

Workout - 5 sets of:

8 front squats AHAP
10 ea. alternating SLS2S

Post weight used for FS to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 rounds of:

25 stab back ext
rest 30 sec.

Workout Notes:

  1. You may do these in supersets today if you choose.
  2. You should rest long enough between sets that you are fully recharged before starting the next.
  3. We've never done SLS2S alternating before. To do them correctly, alternate from R to L and back EVERY rep. This is instead of doing all 10 to the R and then 10 to the L. The demo vid shows the NON alternating version.
  4. If 20 (R+L=1) SLS2S are too easy for you - add weight. 

Musings ... (repost from 8/10/17)


Last time I posted this workout I got static from an "expert" in NV about my use of the acronym AHAP. 

AHAP - An abbreviation (maybe an acronym) meaning "As Heavy As Possible." We generally use this term when we know that the weight of the programmed exercise(s) can only be determined by the user.  Users are to choose weights for the exercise(s) based upon their experience level and their personal understanding of the intention of the workout.  These weights will be highly individualistic and will vary widely from person to person. It is a forgone conclusion that the weight chosen by the user would be safe, manageable and effective for the intended purpose.  Writing the abbreviation (acronym?) as AHASP (As Heavy As is Safely Possible) is redundant and condescending. 

The "expert" thought I shouldn't use the term AHAP. He was sure that upon seeing it, folks would completely lose their damn minds and attempt to lift weights that were WAY over their heads. Upon doing so, accidents & injuries were certain to follow. Instead, he thought I should use the term "challenging or "near maximal." 

It made me chuckle at the thought of posting AHAP on the board and watching mayhem unfold in the gym. Just standing there helpless while vets and rookies alike lost their damn minds and began snapping spines, breaking legs, dislocating shoulders and dropping weights on one another. Hehe. It also made me laugh at the thought of speaking to grown adults as if they were feeble minded half-wits. 

He was offended that I laughed at him so I walked it back a bit by asking, "Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone be that stupid?"

"Well some people ARE just that stupid when it comes to their own safety in the gym!" Came his retort. And he was super butt-hurt so I kind backed off and promised I'd think about it.

Upon thinking about, I composed this next part this next part for STUPID PEOPLE. 



Do NOT lift any heavier than is SAFELY possible (AHASP) while doing GPP Workouts. Doing so might affect your safety in unsafe ways. You could unsafey hurt yourself. You might not even get more safely fit. If you feel the need to unsafely lose your damn mind at the sight of "AHAP" on the board, please don't look at the board today. If you will alert the trainer of your intentions of being unsafe at the appearance of AHAP, the trainer will be happy to safely read the workout to you in safe, soothing tones. Your safe safety is our #1 priority and we hope it will be yours too!