In a 30 minute time limit, complete as much of this workout as possible. 

1 GPP bar complex 45/65
400 m run
2 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
3 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
4 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
5 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run

Post "Rx," or portion of workout completed to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

1 GPP bar complex is:

5 deadlifts
5 power cleans
5 thrusters
5 back squats
5 shoulders to OH (press, PP, PJ - your choice)

Once the bar leaves the ground from the first deadlift, it cannot REST on the ground again until you have completed the "complex."  Otherwise you must begin again. 

Musings ...

Stop Playing to Your Strengths

"There's NO WAY! This workout is too heavy. Most of us can't lift that much."  

YEP! That's one of my secrets. Constantly programming to your strengths is not good for you.

Here is how I know when our programming is spot on!  If half of you hate the programming during half of the week, we've got it half right.  If the other half of you hate the programming during the other half of the week - we NAILED it. 

There is health in the heavy stuff. I don't program it to make you feel small, weak or inept. I don't believe that fitness capacity measures the worth of a human. When I program heavy, it is simply my way of helping you achieve Optimal Health in the most efficient and effective way possible.

That's not to say you should be able to move a house. That's as silly as it would be cool. When I program a heavy workout, it is not my intention for you to do something that is dangerously out of your realm of capacity.  These workouts should never be dangerous.

When you see a workout with a recommended weight that looks too heavy, it is my signal to you that we need to put some heft onto you this week. Choose a weight that safely challenges you at the higher end of your capacity and STORM it!

Don't worry about whether, or not you can do the recommended weight. The "Rx" is only a suggestion anyway.  Being able to move that weight for the prescribed amount of reps won't AUTOMATICALLY qualify you as an Optimally Healthy human. There are too many factors involved in Optimal Health for a workout to predict this.  Some of us can be Optimally Healthy using less weight.  Some of us will need more. 

The best (and the quickest) way to really screw up your health and fitness is to constantly play to your own strengths. That'll be something I'll always steer you away from.  

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