For time:

500 rope jumps
500 m row
4 laps elliptical 8/10
4 min jogging spin bike
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press jacks 15/20 ea.
100 conditioning curls 15/20 (R+L=1)
100 situps 
100 squats

This will be a LONG one.  Clock will start exactly on schedule.
You may NOT partition.
Post time to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. In keeping with tradition, you may count any hour of recreation or activity you participate in this weekend toward your final HELLth week workout! In other words, if you USE your fitness, it counts!
  2. I've been hammering your legs this week. They need a break. That being said, a few of you are fine. Go for it!
  3. TWO DBs = a lot of weight for pressjacks. If we've got your back flared up, use only ONE.
  4. If your back is worked from this week, convert KB swings to Superman back ext.
  5. High rep workouts are still meant to be done with terrific form. 
  6. The conditioning curls are counted 1+1=1. Like God intended.
  7. Remember, arms should get all the way straight, and then all the way bent. Let the hips do the rest. It's OK to put a bunch of shoulder and torso into these. You're supposed to.
  8. Go at those rope jumps like your house is on fire and the only thing you have to knock the flames down with is the wind of your rope.
  9. Keep track of the highest consecutive number of rope jumps. You may surely go above 1000 if you are on a roll.

What I Learned From HELLth Week 2017

  1. It sucks to get sick. Came down with my first head cold in over 2 years this week. It started on Monday. Got progressively worse. Was only able to do the Monday and Friday workouts (so far). Sucks. Feel like I missed out on being part of the community. I hate to miss out on the fun with you guys. 
  2. HELLth Week 2010 was a lot different. It takes a lot more work and creativity to drive you into the dirt now than it did back then. I'd say, as a community, we are all getting much stronger. That's cool.
  3. Posting helps. Those of you who got the most out of the workouts this year were the ones who went back and looked at notes from workouts gone bye.
  4. The human body is an amazing thing. I already knew that, but it still blows me away that we can throw down a week like this and not only survive - we thrive!
  5. Proud of you. You continue to inspire and achieve a level health and fitness that only a few years ago folks were saying wasn't possible. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. 

Did you learn anything? Please post to comments.

This is the other thing I learned.