8 rounds on the clock: 

55 sec running sprint on bike
5 sec transition
55 sec v-ups
5 sec transition
55 sec KB swing 25/35
5 sec transition
55 sec fr. weighted plate switch 10/15
5 sec transition
55 sec row
30 sec transition

Post thoughts on getting more out of this workout to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's going to a long one. Without rests this is scheduled to go 40 mins. I'm anticipating just turning the clock on and letting it run all day. Come whenever you can! 
  • How are you feeling this week? I've done my best to spread the soreness around. There shouldn't be many parts left on you that aren't sore. This flies in the face of what I said at the beginning of the week when I said I wouldn't do any programming. I'm just not able to NOT.
  • Put the saddle all the way down. Do your pedaling out of the saddle. Sprint!
  • Experiment with a heavier KB swing. It might take a step up (35/54) to really tax you.
  • You should be breathing heavy throughout this entire workout. 
  • Limit transition times. Those 5 secs come at you fast. Be looking ahead to the next station.
  • Don't bother strapping yourself into the row. Takes too long. 
  • Where are the Daily Extras? I don't post them if the workout goes for more than 40 min. 
  • No bikes/rowers? Cool. Any 1 min cardio move aimed at incr HR is fine (burpees, running, rope jumps, plate switches, etc.).  

The CORE of it

A strong core is essential to your health and development.   It is primarily responsible for the astounding results we see in strength gains and overall fitness at GPP.  We have observed that GPP training prevents injury and advances healing for those with a weak core.  It also looks good on!  

While the rest of the world has moved passed specifically training the core, GPP still embraces focused emphasis on core training for its unique effect on our health, fitness and appearance. The popular present day mantra of the health and fitness industry is that one need only to move in effective ways and the core will take care of and strengthen itself.  This is a risky approach.  We have learned that strength gains in the legs and arms will quickly outstrip one's core strength.  This is especially true for those who don't directly train their core.  This compromises your ability to stabilize the core during certain fundamental movement (squats, dead lifts, cleans, jerks, high Sums, KBs, etc.) making those fundamental movements more dangerous to perform and putting you at higher risk of injury. 

We feel a more straight forward (direct) approach of abdominal/core training stimulates more strength and ultimately yeilds higher benefit with less risk of injury.  Oh, and did I mention - It looks good ON?!   

What do you want to do tomorrow?

The field is wide open. I've hit you just about everywhere this week. Haven't left much on the table. That being said, I stayed away from pullups a bit. Didn't want your hands to be a reason you couldn't finish HELLth Week. 

So, I'm inclined to just go dig up one of our old HELLth Week workouts and finish the week (not yet, to do it right you must do Saturday's workout) strong with one of those. But maybe I'm forgetting something. Can you think of a workout you'd like to do that I maybe haven't thought of? 

If you can think of a good soul crusher that you've been hankering for, please list it to comments. 

Jonesy using her fitness! It's why we do it, no?