Happy HELLth Week!
OYOC - (On YOUR own count)

Shoulder Medley - 4 rounds then move on

           20 front raises 15/20
           20 upright row 15/20
           20 OH press 15/20

After each round, take 20 walking lunge steps (R+L=2). This is your "rest."

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds then move on

            10 narrow push-ups  BW
            20 skull crushers 15/20           
            20 OH French press 15/20

After each round, complete 20 box jumps. This is your "rest."

Ab Medley - 4 rounds then move on

            20 situps
            20 R side ups 
            20 L side ups            
            20 Superman back ext's 

After each round complete 15 burpees. This is your "rest."

Biceps 21’s - 4 rounds then move on   (see demo)      

            7 bottom to half 25/45
            7 half to full 25/45
            7 full 25/45

After each round, complete 20 Aussie pullups. This is your "rest." Yep, this one is going to sting a bit. 

Post Rx or reps completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

for lunges, add 20 reps (R+L=2)
for box jumps, add 10 reps
for burpees, add 10 reps
for Aussies, add 10 reps

Workout Notes: 

  • You should be feeling a bit wrecked this week, but NOT injured. If you've got something nagging at you (back, shoulders, neck, or whatever), back off of it. Give it a break. 
  • Note above it says, "a bit wrecked." If you are COMPLETELY wrecked do only 1-3 rounds per muscle group and lighten up the weight. Remember, this week is all about starting the year off on the right foot. 
  • Move quickly. Although shaping workouts are meant to be performed at a slower pace than workouts "for time" you'll need to stay quite active to get it all done in under 50 min as Rx.  

Wednesday Workshop

"What is Health?" + Elements of the Squat

7 pm at GPP HQ
Wear workout clothes