Two times through - 

On "GO!" class performs 2 min cardio sprint. Go HARD! We will rotate between these 5 exercises: 

elliptical 8/10 (speed 65+)
spin bike
plate switches

Before rotating to next cardio sprint, you must perform 30 reps of ONE of the exercises below. Do this on your own count. Rotate between these:

BTB squats
OH DB press 15/20 ea.
lat pull-down 6/8
high weighted situps 10/15

Post "Rx" to comments. 

Neil's Notes: 

  • It's easy, you go from a cardio sprint to ONE of the lifting exercises. After that, switch to a different cardio. Rinse and repeat. Rotate through it twice.
  • 30 reps is NO JOKE! We are specifically programmed to do sets of 20 at GPP. This will mean stepping way out of our comfort zones. 
  • On the other version of this I'm asking for slow reps. Need them fast today. 
  • Use terrific form!  
  • I know that OH DB press demo calls for strict movements. It's best if you do them fast.
  • Be back to work within 15 seconds of the last exercise.

Are there instructional methods or movements you'd like to see more of in this format? Post to comments.