2 rounds for time.

15 burpees
35 V-ups
15 burpees
35 pushups
15 burpees
35 Aussie pullups
15 burpees
35 squats
15 burpees
35 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras -

900 backwards rope jumps

Workout Notes: 

  • It's been a while since we did a good burpee workout. Haha, I can hear Judy right now saying, "No such thing!" 
  • It's a good point Judy! 
  • This will be short for a couple of you. If you are one of those who will go under 15 minutes, you'll need to do this at "Ludicrous Speed." Like, seriously. You need to go fast. Then go to the rope jumps. 
  • If you do it right (and you are ready for it - not one second before), you should be coughing all day after this. 

Using my fitness. (Lamb's Canyon)