AMRAP in 25 min on 2 four inch plates:

20 HK step-ups R
20 HK step-ups L
20 SL step-ups R
20 SL step-ups L
20 glute step-ups R
20 glute stup-ups L
20 uni band press R (H/M)
20 uni band press L (H/M)
20 LU band pull R (H/M)
20 LU band pull L (H/M)

Post number of rounds completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

  1. Perform step-ups on 15" riser. 
  2. Complete 20 box jumps to your riser between the presses and pulls. 
  3. Continue for an additional 10 min. (35 min AMRAP)
  4. Do 25 pullups after the workout. 

Workout Notes:

  • A longer step back during the high knee step-ups will increase load on the glutes. Try it. 
  • Knee should raise above your waist each time. 
  • Keep your heel flat on the riser during SLSU. Lean forward a bit. Raise your leg sideways to the limit of your flexibility. 
  • Keep hips square during glute step ups. Shoulders too. Lean forward to incr load on both glutes. 
  • Keep the shoulders and hips square while pressing the band. Don't be limited by the weights suggested above. IF you can, go heavier. It's too heavy if you are using momentum (punching), or turning the shoulders/hips. 
  • Again, keep shoulders and hips square while pulling the band. No twisting. Elbow brushes your side with each rep. Squeeze through your shoulder blades.