AMRAP in 40 min.

4 ten meter high knee sprints
20 lunge switches (R+L=1)
20 OH DB presses 20/25 ea.
20 DB biceps curls 20/25 ea.
20 OH triceps ext 20/25

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - None today

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay focused. We don't throw the obstacles in this workout anymore, but to get anything out of this one, you'll need to do those sprints as if you are clearing obstacles. Get those knees up and push yourself. Need some sprints out of you.  If you find your focus wandering off to anything other than the task at hand while running those hiney sprints, you have FACEPLANT in your future. 

  • Stricter movements are better if you are looking to shape the muscles more. If you are looking for more cardio, go ahead and jump the movements. Some folks, especially during the 40 min version, do well with mixing them. Just make sure you note to comments which way you approached it so that you can compare apples to apples next time. 

  • What's the ++? First + is because we lengthened it from 25 min to 40. Second + is for adding the lunge switches and for increasing the weights. Did you even notice? Haha! Should be fun!

  • Yes, this workout used to be called "AMRAP S,S,B,T." But before that, we called it round the horn. Mainly because I dropped the 5 second rest after each run. But, I have to agree with Katie. AMRAP S,S,B,T is a stupid name for a classic workout. So, we taking it back to the original. Sorry for the confusion. 


"What is HELLth Week?" You ask. Come on in. Pumped to show you. :) This is the week where I throw my worst 6 workouts at you. No programming, no scaling (rookies ignore), no excuses. 

This week (like other HELLth weeks before) is uber ROUGH.  The challenge this week is to complete every workout.  ALL SIX.  Those who do will raise their health and fitness to a new level.  Those who finish all of these workouts will have accomplished something special.  If you can get through HELLth week, you can get through a week of just about ANYTHING. Please be careful, but give this week your heart.

You are WAY more capable than you give yourself credit for. What you are able to endure REALLY will astound you. After this week, you will know this.  After this week, THERE IS NO GOING BACK.  You can never again say, "that is too hard for me."  You will break through barriers this week, if you'll let yourself.  

Take this week to do that which has held you back in the past.  Workout harder than you thought you could (be careful, but do it).  Clean up your eating (Challenge below).  Sleep more.  Drink more water.  Take your vitamins.  Get on track.  Let this week give you the momentum you need to NEVER worry about your health, functionality, or appearance again.  

Pumped to have you along! It's going to be a cool ride. You're gonna love those switches today!

Join us for our GPP Wednesday Workshops through the month of January. 

Workshop 1 - "What is Health?" + "You Don't Know Squat"

Did you know that all of our workouts, movements and programming is built on our unique definition of "Health?" The funny thing is, most health and fitness professionals don't even have a working definition of health in the first place. We do. Would love to share it with you and show you how we construct our unique workouts to serve you better. This workshop consists of two parts:

part 1  - 35 min lecture on "What is Health."
part 2 - 25 min movement mastery "The Squat"

Come learn the basics hows and whys of GPP programming, then later gain practical instruction on how to do a better squat. This part will be hands on and movement intensive. Please wear clothes you can move well in.   

Workshop is at 7 pm on Wednesday the 4th of January. It is FREE for all! Please bring a friend. Workshop will not be able to provide child care and is not suitable for young children.    

Using my fitness to get above the soup. Desolation trail.