Warm-up -  2 rounds

250m row (half speed)
50 KB high Sumos 35/54
50 KB swings 25/35
250m row (full sprint)

Workout - 5 sets of each:

5 chinups
10 BB bent rows AHAP

Post time of full sprint row, strings of consecutive reps for chinups, high Sumos & KB swings and weight of bent rows to comments. 

Daily Extras -

Switch out the 5 chinups for 10 pullups!

Workout Notes:

  • 250m row half speed? - Focus on getting the most out of your row.  Use THIS video for reference.  Remember, legs - hips - then arms.  Longer strokes are faster, generally.  You may consider slowing your stroke to get the most out of each pull.   
  • Also, 5 reps of chinups might not be enough to tax your system sufficiently today. If this is you, add weight to the pullup as opposed to incr'g reps. 
    Complete the warm-up top to bottom as written.
  • We don't advise super-setting the chinups with the bent rows since both are using agonist muscle groups.
  • We think the term "agonist" is well named.