AMRAP in 4 min:

10 v-ups
10 v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
10 side-ups R
10 Superman back ext
10 side-ups L

Rest 1 min. Complete 5 four min rounds total. Post number of rounds completed per 4 min bout to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

  1. Weight the side-ups 15/20
  2. Complete 10 mountain climbers (R+L=1) during the 1 min rest.

Workout Notes:

  • Must keep moving. 
  • Yep, I like v-ups. IMO you get the most abdominal bang for your buck with a v-up. For LOTS of reasons.
  • Those v-twists are going to sting. Hang in there. Get em.  
  •  The v-twist demo shows Meg using a medicine ball. For today, I prefer you use a DB. 
  • Don't be fooled, this one looks WAY easier on paper. 

Keaton pushed "Dyspnea" to a sub 17 yesterday, to the encouragement of all who were at the 0800. It was inspiring! He was literally writhing in pain from his effort. And no, Mike isn't laughing at him. That's the smile that says, "Dude, I've been there and ouch, and congrats, and why? and my hell, and thanks for the inspiration!