For time:

50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
400m unilateral running biceps curl R 15/20
400m unilateral running biceps curl L 15/20
400m running OH triceps ext  15/20
400m unilateral running OH press R 15/20
400m unilateral running OH press L 15/20
50 tick tocks R 15/20 - 200m R side bucket carry 15/20
50 tick tocks L 15/20 - 200m L side bucket carry 15/20

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Daily Extras - Run 1 mile. Bringing your total up to just over 4 miles for the week! Perfect.

Workout Notes: 

  • Our Fair weather is fading fast. Won't be able to get outside much in the coming months. Time to start calling in the outside workouts. We only do this one a couple of times per year. And yes, I agree - it's ROUGH. But, it's the perfect time of year for it! Let's rock it!
  • We've learned that the secret to not whacking the back of your head and spine with the DB while running and tri'ing, is to hold an end of the DB in each hand. 
  • The point is to do as many reps as possible per run.
  • ROM for tic-tocks is ALL the way over and back. Go until you feel a stretch on both sides of each rep.