:90 sec 1 leg elliptical R 6/8
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg pedaling R (circles)
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg rowing R
:30 sec rest
:90 sec high knee step-ups R (15" box)
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg rope jumps R
:30 sec rest

Repeat entire sequence with L

Post distance you elliptical & row per leg. Post # of step-ups and rope jumps per leg.

Daily Extras - Rinse/repeat. Realize this makes it a 40 min workout. You'll need to really hurry to get all the extras done before the start of the next class. If the next class is at capacity, we'll have to boot you. Haha, no ... but REALLY. If it's iffy, make sure you save the rope jumps (both legs) for the end. That'll help you get it done and not get booted. :)

Workout Notes: 

  • Upper body Wednesday, now back to lower!
  • You'll get from this workout, exactly what you put into it. 
  • :30 sec is a LONG rest. Make use of it by getting set up for the next mvmt.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about adjusting the bike seat. Just leave it all the way down. Yes, it'll be harder on your legs, but that's, kind of, the point!
  • Keep speed of elliptical between 65-75.
  • If no elliptical ... do single leg walking lunges for equal time. It looks like THIS sans biceps curl.
  • If no bike ... do SLS2S raw.
  • If no rowers ... Dammit, get a rower! In the mean time do glute step ups
  • If no ropes ... hop on one leg. I know you are laughing, but I promise, it'll help someone.

This guy! (Jace)

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Using my fitness with Miss Adelaide

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Thing is, I have re-re-re-redoubled my efforts to post more often on instagram and facebook. I'm on quite a streak. Like 5 or 6 in a row now. Mostly every day.     

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