:90 sec 1 arm ellipse R 3/5
:30 sec rest
:90 s  spinning curl-ups R 10/15
:30 sec rest
:90 sec uni triceps kick-backs R 15/20
:30 sec rest
:90 sec twist pulls R M/H
:30 sec rest
:90 sec burpee snatches 25/35 R
:30 sec rest

Repeat entire sequence with L

Since it's impossible to keep track of reps during a workout like this, post thoughts to comments. 

Daily Extras - Rinse/repeat. Realize this makes it a 40 min workout. You'll need to really hurry to get all the extras done before the start of the next class. If the next class is at capacity, we'll have to boot you. Haha, no ... but REALLY. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Keep the speed of your elliptical between 65-75.
  • If you don't put your whole body into that ellipse, it'll be hard to keep the speed up. Note how much Shmoopy is using her hips and shoulders.
  • We suggest lighter weights for the spinning curl-ups (bis to OH). :90s is a LONG time. 
  • We posted a FRICKIN ROUGH weight for the kick-backs. You'll need to use some monkey motion. Strict them if you want to, but ... try to keep pounding out reps for the entire :90s.
  • Better Twist Pull
  • Those burpee snatches can be awkward if you don't burpee over the top. Note KB placement as Kitty does her burpee. Gents, as you do this please try not to put a dent in my KBs. 
  • Putting upper body together with lower tomorrow. It's going to be a long one. 
  • No elliptical ... do twist punches M/H. 
  • No bikes ... do curl-ups while running. Lemon style. 

Maybe it's not all about the body...This kind of stuff can pin me down in a wiki hole faster than anything!

The Complete List of Paradoxes


  • Abilene paradox: People can make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do.
  • Prevention paradox: For one person to benefit, many people have to change their behavior — even though they receive no benefit, or even suffer, from the change.
  • Archer's paradox: An archer must, in order to hit his target, not aim directly at it, but slightly to the side.
  • Tea leaf paradox: When a cup of tea is stirred, the leaves assemble in the center, even though centrifugal force pushes them outward.
  • Paradox of enrichment: Increasing the food available to an ecosystem may lead to instability, and even to extinction.
  • Predestination paradox: A man travels back in time to discover the cause of a famous fire. While in the building where the fire started, he accidentally knocks over a kerosene lantern and causes a fire, the same fire that would inspire him, years later, to travel back in time. The bootstrap paradox is closely tied to this, in which, as a result of time travel, information or objects appear to have no beginning.

What is your favorite paradox? Post to comments.

Whitney stomps the bar with bumpers!